No Changes At the Top in CSCAA’s Division I Swimming and Diving Men’s Poll

PHOENIX, Arizona November 6. THE top six slots in the College Swim Coaches Association of America’s poll of Division I swimming and diving teams did not change this week, though some significant shuffling took place in the remaining 19 positions as teams impressed or disappointed in the past two weeks.

The goal of the CSCAA rankings committee is to produce an in-season poll of the 25 best-performing teams in rank order at the time of each poll. The poll is not designed to predict the results of the NCAA Championship, but rather which teams would win head-to-head against other teams in the country.

Specifically, the poll committee does not differentiate between the types of meets, or the status of a specific team in terms of rested versus unrested, when considering votes. Further, rankings are only based on performances that have taken place up to that point in the season, with an emphasis on action from the previous poll.

Swimming World has been invited as a media member to participate in the polling process, and has a vote in each poll. Jeff Commings serves as Swimming World’s representative on these weekly conference calls.

1. Michigan (5-0, 2-0 Big Ten)
Last poll rank: 1

W vs. Iowa (9/27), 182-110
W at Dennis Stark Relays, (10/11), First out of five teams
W at Notre Dame and Auburn (10/12); 195-103 vs. Auburn, 201-99 vs. Notre Dame

Since last poll:
W at Indiana (10/25), 203-97
W vs. Texas (at Indiana) (10/25), 166-134

Next competition: November 22-24 at Michigan Open

Michigan got some great fall-season racing in during the tri-meet with Indiana and Texas, showing off the depth in all events while putting up some nation-leading times by Connor Jaeger in the distance freestyles and Richard Funk in the breaststroke races.

2. Florida (3-0, 2-0 SEC)
Last poll rank: 2

W at All-Florida Invitational (9/27) (First place)
W at Minnesota (10/12), 172-124
W at Missouri (10/17), 169-130

Since last poll:
W vs. Georgia (11-1), 179-119

Next competition: Thursday vs. Alabama

Florida continued its unbeaten dual-meet streak by winning a few close battles against Georgia and showcasing depth in the butterfly and individual medley events.

3. California (3-0, 0-0 Pac 12)
Last poll rank: 3

Cal Poly King of the Pool (9/20-21), unscored
W vs. Pacific (10/3), 149-104
W vs. Indiana (10/11), 173-122

Since last poll:
W vs. Wisconsin (11/1), 151-131

Next competition: Wednesday against Stanford (unscored triple distance meet)

Cal had some surprising swims in its dual meet with Wisconsin, as Seth Stubblefield joined the elite sub-20 second club in the 50 free (19.99) and Jeremy Bagshaw unseated Connor Jaeger as the fastest in the nation in the 1000 free (9:02.45). Ryan Murphy also maintained his place at the top in the 200 back with a 1:43.13.

4. Texas (2-1 0-0 Big 12)
Last poll rank: 4

W vs. North Carolina (10/17), 171.5-126.5

Since last poll:
W at Indiana (10/25), 204-96
L vs. Michigan (at Indiana) (10/25), 166-134

Next competition: Friday and Saturday vs. West Virginia, Penn State at Virginia

Texas’ Clay Youngquist provided the spark for the Longhorns in the tri-meet against Michigan and Indian, posting the fastest 200 free in the college ranks so far this season with a 1:35.71. Jack Conger showed off his versatility with wins in both backstrokes and the 100 butterfly.

5. Stanford (2-0, 0-0 Pac 12)
Last poll rank: 5

W vs. Indiana (10/12), 183-111

Since last poll:
W vs. Wisconsin (11/2), 175-116

Next competition: Wednesday at Cal (unscored triple distance meet)

David Nolan continued to lead the charge for Stanford, winning the 200 back over the reigning NCAA champion and also putting in a solid 200 freestyle. When stacked up against the rest of the country, distance freestyle and breaststroke prove to remain major weaknesses.

6. Georgia (4-1, 2-1 SEC)
Last poll rank: 6

W vs. Kentucky (9/25),162-110
W vs. Wisconsin (10/4-5), 179-139
W vs. Georgia Tech (10/15), 184-109
W at LSU (10/18), 180-112

Since last poll:
L at Florida (11/1), 179-119

Next competition: November 15 vs. Emory

Georgia’s top-end talent, led by Chase Kalisz and three wins against Florida, were not enough to beat the Gators. Gaps in sprinting showed when lining up against Georgia, particularly in freestyle and backstroke.

7 (tie). Indiana (2-4, 0-1 Big Ten)
Last poll rank: 9

L at California (10/11), 173-122
L at Stanford (10/12), 183-111

Since last poll:
L vs. Michigan (10/25), 203-97
L vs. Texas (10/25), 204-96
W vs. Kentucky (11/1), 208-92
W vs. Tennessee (11/1), 179-121

Next competition: December 5-7 at USA Swimming nationals

Racing against four of the top-ranked teams in the country hurt Indiana’s record, but things picked up against Kentucky and Tennessee, where Indiana’s strengths across all strokes helped win the day.

7 (tie). Minnesota (3-1, 2-0 Big Ten)
Last poll rank: 7

W vs. Arizona State (10/5), 190-95
L vs. Florida (10/12), 172-124
W at Wisconsin (10/18-19), 220-150

Since last poll
W at Iowa (11/1), 174-126

Next competition: November 9 at North Dakota

A quick drive down to Iowa resulted in another dominating win for the Golden Gophers, using strong relays, top-end strengths and depth in various events to fend off the Hawkeyes.

9. Florida State (3-0, 2-0 ACC)
Last poll rank: 10

All-Florida Invite (9/27-29), second place
W at Alabama (10/12), 179-121

Since last poll:
W vs. North Carolina State (10/25), 162-136
W vs. Georgia Tech (10/25), 213-65

Next competition: November 22-24 at Auburn Invite

Very strong relays have been a major factor in the Seminoles’ dual-meet wins so far this season, as well as reliable wins from Pavel Sankovich in the backstrokes and IM and depth in the butterfly events.

10. Ohio State (5-0, 0-0 Big Ten)
Last poll rank: 11

W at Kentucky (10/11), 176-122

Since last poll:
W vs. Kenyon (10/25), 186-101
W vs. Cleveland State (10/25), 201-91
W vs. Denison (10/25), 202-90
W vs. Virginia Tech (10/25), 165.5-135.5

Next competition: Friday vs. Iowa, Northwestern at Purdue

Hosting a quad meet and winning against all three visiting teams helped increase the overall record for the Buckeyes. Ohio State swept a few events in the quad meet, showing off impressive depth.

11. North Carolina (3-2, 0-0 ACC)
Last poll rank: 17

Virginia Tech Swimming Challenge (10/11), second place
L at Texas (10/17), 171-126
W at Texas Christian, 188-109

Since last poll:
W vs. Louisville (11/1-2), 186-161

Next competition: November 21-23 at Nike Cup

Dominick Glavich, who won three events, showed his consistency throughout the meet, and helped showcase a diverse squad that used that to beat a top-heavy Louisville in a two-day meet.

12. Virginia Tech (4-1, 2-0 ACC)
Last poll rank: 14

Virginia Tech Swimming Challenge (10/11), first place
W vs. North Carolina State (10/19), 185-113

Since last poll:
L at Ohio State (11/1), 156.5-135.5
W vs. Denison (at Ohio State) (11/1), 251-49
W vs. Cleveland State (at Ohio State) (11/1), 252-48
W at Cincinnati (11/2), 139-93

Next competition: Saturday vs. Notre Dame at Pittsburgh

Despite the loss to Ohio State, the Virginia State Hokies continued to impress in dual-meet action, racing hard against the Buckeyes and putting up a few wins and runner-up finishes that kept the meet relatively close.

13. Auburn (2-1, 1-0 SEC)
Last poll rank: 12

Dennis Stark Relays (10/11), second place
W at Notre Dame (10/ 12), 201-99
L vs. Michigan (10/12), 195-103

Since last poll:
At Royals Invite (10/25), unscored
W at LSU (11/2), 151-87

Next competition: November 22-24 at Auburn Invite

Auburn didn’t show much in the past two meets, thus the slight drop in the rankings. Joe Patching did his best to show Auburn is still a tough dual meet team with an impressive 1:45.33 in the 200 backstroke that puts the freshman in the top five nationally.

14 (tie). Missouri (3-1, 2-1 SEC)
Last poll rank: 16

Show-Me-Showdown (10/4), first place
L vs. Florida (10/17), 169-130

Since last poll:
W at Southern Illinois (10/24-25), 333-106
W vs. Kentucky (at Southern Illinois) (10/24-25), 267.5-177.5
W vs. Texas A&M (11/1), 186-114

Next competition: Friday at Missouri State

The loss to Florida seemed to motivate the Tigers, as they defeated Kentucky and Southern Illinois in a two-day meet on the strength of a deep field of breaststrokers and strong relays. The win against Texas A&M took was just as dominant, with Missouri winning 11 of the 16 events.

14 (tie). Louisville (1-0, 0-0 American)
Last poll rank: 13

W vs. Xavier (10/11), 189-70

Since last poll:
W vs. Tennessee (10/24), 167-132
L at North Carolina (11/1-2), 186-161

Next competition: November 22-24 at Michigan Invite

Another impressive outing for Joao de Lucca and Caryle Blondell helped Louisville beat Tennessee for the first time in history, but the Tar Heels had the depth and strength outside of sprint freestyle to outdo the Cardinals in the two-day dual meet.

16. Alabama (1-1, 0-0 SEC)
Last poll rank: 15

W at Delta State (9/20), 283-62
L vs. Florida State (10/12), 179-121

Since last poll:

Next competition: Thursday at Florida

Alabama has been training hard since losing to Florida State, and have been preparing to race a tough Florida Gators team.

17. Tennessee (3-2, 2-0 SEC)
Last poll rank: 8

W vs. UNC-Wilmington (9/27), 167-133
W vs. South Carolina (10/18), 172-128

Since last poll:
L at Louisville (10/24), 167.5-132.5
L at Indiana (11/1), 179-121
W vs. Kentucky (at Indiana), 177-123

Next competition: November 22-24 at Georgia Tech Invititational

The Volunteers suffered a couple of hard losses on the road, falling to Louisville for the first time in history and losing to Indiana. Luke Percy, the team’s star freshman, had some strong performances against Louisville but the Cardinals countered with stronger swimmers.

18. Arizona (1-1, 0-1 Pac 12)
Last poll rank: 23

L at Utah (10/19), 152-148

Since last poll:
W vs. UNLV (10/25), 208-91

Next competition: Saturday vs. Southern California

Arizona showed much improvement in the dual meet against UNLV, though times still weren’t enough to move them any higher in the rankings. This weekend’s meet against Southern California is likely to produce times that will leapfrog them high in the rankings.

19. North Carolina State (1-2, 1-2 ACC)
Last poll rank: 24

All-North Carolina Invitational (10/4-5), first place
L at Virginia Tech (10/19), 185-113

Since last poll:
W vs. Georgia Tech (10/25), 193-95
L vs. Florida State (10/25), 162-136

Next competition: Friday versus Duke and Miami (Ohio)

The Wolfpack had some tough competition against two Atlantic Coast Conference teams, and despite the loss to Florida State, had some outstanding swims. Jonathan Boffa and Ian Bishop put up strong times that rank near the top of the national rankings.

20. Penn State (2-0, 0-0 Big Ten)
Last poll rank: 19

W vs. West Virginia (10/18), 153-129

Since last poll:
W at Buffalo (11/2), 155-137

Next competition: Friday and Saturday vs. Texas, West Virginia at Virginia

Consistent performances in the meet against Buffalo keep Penn State in the top 25. This weekend’s meet featuring Texas will be the toughest challenge for the Nittany Lions, and a strong performance could keep them in the top 25 in the next poll.

21. Iowa (1-2, 1-2 Big Ten)
Last poll rank: 21

L at Michigan (9/27), 182-110
W vs. Michigan State (10/18), 182-113

Since last poll:
L vs. Minnesota (11/1), 176-121

Next competition: Friday vs. Ohio State at Purdue

Roman Trussov’s major improvement in the breastrokes, including a sub-2:00 swim in the 200 against Minnesota, was the highlight for the Hawkeyes last weekend.

22. Purdue (1-0, 0-0 Big Ten)
Last poll rank: not ranked

Indiana Intercollegiates (10/26), first place
W vs. Notre Dame (11/1), 208-92

Next competition: Friday versus Iowa, Northwestern and Ohio State

A 19.87 by senior Danny Tucker at the Indiana Intercollegiates, as well as some depth showcased in the dominating win against Notre Dame, puts Purdue in the top 25 for the first time this season.

23. Wisconsin (0-4, 0-1 Big Ten)
Last poll rank: 18

L at Georgia (10/4-5), 361-275
L vs. Minnesota (10/18-19), 438-302

Since last poll:
L at California (11/1), 151-131
L at Stanford (11/2), 175-116

Next competition: November 15 at Northwestern

Head coach Whitney Hite’s decision to have his Badgers race some of the top athletes in the collegiate ranks might pay off in the postseason and take some of the sting out of the losing record so far. Reigning NCAA champion Drew teDuits, Nick Caldwell and Brett Pinfold were standouts in the team’s Bay Area tour last weekend.

24. Virginia (2-1, 0-0 WAC)
Last poll rank: not ranked

W at Navy (10/25), 212-88

Next competition: Friday vs. Texas, West Virginia, Penn State

Virginia was just outside the top 25 in the first poll of the season, and a few dropouts allowed the Cavaliers to sneak in this time. They’ll face three ranked teams this weekend in a quad meet that will determine their place in the next poll.

25. Nevada-Las Vegas (2-1, 0-0 WAC)
Last poll rank: not ranked

L at Arizona (10/25), 183-109
W at Arizona State (10/25), 192-105
W vs. Toronto (11/1), 177-85

Next competition: Friday at Utah

The UNLV Rebels started the season with a weekend in Arizona, performing admirably against the Wildcats before taking down the Sun Devils with a display of depth across all events.

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