NFHS Clarifies School Logo Restrictions As They Apply to Textile Suits

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana, September 9. THE National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) released a clarification of its school logo restrictions at they apply to textile suits in swimming.

The organization is allowing the process called sublimation, which "allows colors, designs, prints, etc. to be dyed into the fabric to be used for suits in a pre-construction phase." This process, according to the NFHS, allows textile material to remain 100 percent permeable while also still allowing for design elements to be included in a swimsuit. Additionally, the current restriction limiting post-construction school names or logos to no more than 9 square inches does not apply to sublimation-added names and logos.

Here is the full memo regarding the clarification:
The NFHS has received several questions regarding the application of Rule 3-3-2b(2), school logo restrictions, to swimsuits with logos and mascots applied to the suit during construction.

A process referred to as sublimation allows colors, designs, prints, etc. to be dyed into the fabric to be used for suits in a pre-construction phase. This process has been present in the market for quite some time. Using sublimation, colors or designs, such as a school mascot, are dyed into the fabric and the textile material remains 100% permeable.

The restriction of a single, post-construction, impermeable school name or logo, not to exceed 9 square inches, does not apply to suits using sublimation for the process to include a school mascot, name and/or logo on the suit. The restriction applies only to the post-construction logos which render the material to no longer be 100% permeable.

SITUATION: The referee observes the swimmers from Team A, the Eagles, during warm-ups wearing suits with an eagle on the front of the females' suits larger than 9 square inches. Likewise, the males' jammers have an eagle on the side of the suit larger than 9 square inches. The referee confirms with the coach of Team A that these mascots are dyed in the material and are not placed over the textile material of the suit impacting permeability. The referee allows the suits in competition as Rule 3-3-2b(2) does not apply to this suit. RULING: Correct procedure. COMMENT: The restriction on the size and number of post-construction school logos is necessary to prevent covering the suit to make it impermeable. The restrictions are not necessary when the sublimation process is used.

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