NCAA Div. I Women: Nevada Beats WSU

RENO, Nev., Jan. 18. THE Washington State University women’s swim team fell to Nevada in a relay meet Friday 112-92. The loss gives the Cougars a 1-1 record in relay meets this season.

There was no men's meet as Washington State killed off its men's team several years ago.

Nevada captured victories in all five of the relay races, with WSU right behind them in second in each event.

“It was a good meet for us” WSU Head Coach Erica Quam said. “I think we showed some speed in some events”.

The Cougars get another shot at the Wolfpack Saturday, this time in a dual meet.

“I think the dual meet tomorrow will be another opportunity to show some of our strengths against Nevada Quam said. “Hopefully it will be a great situation to race them all the way through the meet.”

The dual meet will begin at 11 a.m.

Washington State vs. University of Nevada – Reno
Reno, Nevada
(all distances in yards)

TEAM SCORING: University of Nevada (UN) 112, Washington State University (WSU) 92


1. UN (A) (Chin, Cunha, Ogilvie, Rigdon) 3:59.91
2. WSU (A) (Copland, Henahan, Chinn, Ouellette) 4:05.96
3. WSU (B) (Cohen, Taylor, Dunn, Mills) 4:18.84
4. UN (B) (McKenney, Holland, Gunsalus, Seamons) 4:25.36
5. WSU (C) (Renfro, Eldred, Lubeck, Schmied) 4:36.34
— UN (B) (Walk, Hejny, Johnson, McCary) DQ

1. UN (A) (Schweitzer, Clendenin, Klein) 2:57.49
2. WSU (A) (Henahan, Mills, Chinn) 2:57.62
3. UN (B) (McKenney, Koelker, Gunsalus) 3:05.76
4. WSU (C) (Taylor, Cohen, Dunn) 3:07.98
5. WSU (B) (Renfro, Eldred, Olson) 3:17.95
6. UN (C) (Holland, Seamons, McCary) 3:19.27

1. UN (A) (Rigdon, Chin, Walk) 2:55.93
2. WSU (A) (Henahan, Taylor, Copland) 3:02.62
3. UN (B) (Murphy, McCary, Klein) 3:05.15
4. WSU (B) (Schmied, Cohen, Ouellette) 3:09.28
5. UN (D) (Ogilvie, Johnson, Holland) 3:17.61
6. UN (C) (Koelker, Seamons, Gunsalus) 3:20.7
7. WSU (C) (Mills, Lubeck, Renfro) 3:27.93

1. UN (A) (Cunha, Hejny, Ogilvie) 3:19.11
2. WSU (A) (Ouellette, Copland, Chinn) 3:31.43
3. UN (B) (Johnson, Schweitzer, Murphy) 3:34.08
4. WSU (B) (Dunn, Eldred, Schmied) 3:43.45
5. UN (C) (Seamons, Holland, Clendenin) 3:56.86

1. UN (A) 3:34.76
2. WSU (A) 3:44.74
3. WSU (B) 4:16.04
— UN (B) X3:49.48

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