NCAA Div. I Women: #22 Washington Defeats Rival WSU, 164-93

PULLMAN, Wash., Nov. 22. THE University of Washington women’s swim team defeated Washington State University Friday, 164-93. The victory gives the 22nd ranked Huskies a record of 8-0 on the season.

The meet saw two Gibb pool records broken, one by each team. Lindsay Henahan set a Gibb pool record for WSU in the 100 butterfly with a time of 55.60. Henahan held the previous record of 56.45 set in 2000.

“My freshman year I set that record and I came close to breaking it in a few meets but I never actually got it,” Henahan said. “It was one of my goals to break it in my last meet.”

Henahan, a senior from Rochester, N.Y., had been honored before the meet along with the three other Cougar seniors. Henahan also had a second place finish in the 50 freestyle with a time of 24.07, a victory as a member of the 400 freestyle relay, and a second place as a member of the 200 medley relay.

“To see Lindsay in her senior year get up and get that record, especially at this point in the season, was really good,” WSU Head Coach Erica Quam said.. “It gives her a lot of confidence.”

The only other three individual victories for the Cougars came from freshman Jane Copland. Copland, a native of Wellington, New Zealand, swam the 100 breaststroke in a time of 1:04.79, the 200 breaststroke in 2:17.94, and the 200 individual medley in 2:08.70.

“I think one of the things we showed was a lot of team spirit all the way through the meet,” Quam said.
“We’re moving in the right direction.”

UW freshman Sharon Olsen set a Gibb Pool record in the 1000 free with a time of 10:16.56. The previous mark was 10:19.15 set in the spring of 2002.

Washington State has a week off before competing in the Speedo Cup Invitational in Los Angeles, Calif., Dec. 5-7.

Washington State vs. Washington
Pullman, Washington
(all distances in yards)

University of Washington (UW) 164
Washington State University (WSU) 93

RESULTS: (top three)

200 Medley Relay:
1. UW (A) (Johnson, Staubitz, Liu, Harada) 1:46.12
2. WSU (B) (Chinn, Copland, Henahan, Ouellette) 1:46.48
3. UW (B) (Hutton, Reichardt, Hingsbergen, Fanning) 1:49.72

1000 Freestyle:
1. Sharon Olsen (UW) 10:16.57
2. Haley Wolcott (UW) 10:20.32
3. Melissa Bright (UW) 10:26.92

200 Freestyle:
1. Kim Harada (UW) 1:53.88
2. Liya Liu (UW) 1:54.30
3. Nichole Real (UW) 1:56.11

100 Backstroke:
1. Desiree Johnson (UW) 57:68
2. Annette Vayo (UW) 57:84
3. Abby Hutton (UW) 1:00.60

100 Breaststroke:
1. Jane Copland (WSU) 1:04.79
2. Melissa Bright (UW) 1:05.91
3. Brittany Reichardt (UW) 1:06.06

200 Butterfly:
1. Anissa Hilyard (UW) 2:03.54
2. Casey Sherfey (UW) 2:09.15
3. Jenn Latzen (UW) 2:09.41

50 Freestyle:
1. Kim Harada (UW) 23.69
2. Lindsay Henahan (WSU) 24.07
3. Annette Vayo (UW) 24.23

100 Freestyle:
1. Sharon Olsen (UW) 52.48
2. Liya Liu (UW) 53.06
3. Sara Schmied (WSU) 54.39

200 Backstroke:
1. Hannah Jo (UW) 2:06.50
2. Annette Vayo (UW) 2:07.95
3. Abby Hutton (UW) 2:09.02

200 Breaststroke:
1. Jane Copland (WSU) 2:17.94
2. Brittany Reichardt (UW) 2:23.53
3. Melissa Chandler (UW) 2:25.14

500 Freestyle:
1. Sharon Olsen (UW) 5:02.56
2. Haley Wolcott (UW) 5:09.18
3. Nichole Real (UW) 5:11.16

100 Butterfly:
1. Lindsay Henahan (WSU) 55.60
2. Anissa Hilyard (UW) 58.55
3. Liya Liu (UW) 59.58

200 Individual Medley:
1. Jane Copland (WSU) 2:08.70
2. Theresa Dunn (WSU) 2:19.05
3. Nicole Chinn (WSU) 2:19.86
–Hannah Jo (UW) X2:06.64

400 Freestyle Relay:
1. WSU (A) (Henahan, Ouellette, Schmied, Cohen) 3:34.67
2. WSU (B) (Taylor, Renfro, Irwin, Olson) 3:47.83
–UW (A) (Olsen, Vayo, Adams, Harada) X3:31.50
–UW (C) (Fanning, Magnuson, Real, Cheadle) X3:39.47

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