NBAC Has Strong Day Two of Maryland State Champs

By Wynne Kirchner

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland, March 8. THE fast swimming continued at Maryland States Friday night as NBAC took control of the meet with numerous top finishes.

11-12 200 Backstroke
On the girls side, Gaby Jantac of NBAC took first in a quick 2:10.57, while Claire O’Shaughnessy of GBSA had a strong swim for 2nd, going 2:16.20. Pippa Byrne of Eagles was 3rd with a 2:18.46.

On the boys side it was Conor Vienneau of Chesapeake Bay Aquatic Club beating out top seed Justin Nguyen of Eagles with a strong back half and a time of 2:08.93. Nguyen was 2nd with a 2:10.33, while Graham Lindner of Loyola Blakefield was 3rd with a 2:12.26.

100 Breaststrokes
Lauren James of NBAC took top honors in the open girls with a 1:02.44, which should make her future Louisville coaches happy. Unattached-Towson swimmers Carly DeLiberty and Alyssa Carle took 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

In the open boys, Kyle Paxton of Arena Club Aquatics took home first with 57.51 after anchoring Arena’s winning 800 free relay last night. Jared Vance of Retrievers had a nice swim for 2nd, going 58.44. Connor Ganley of GBSA swam a 58.97 to nab 3rd and out touch teammate Jeffrey Tse by .02.

In the women’s 13-14 category, Erin Vance of Eagles surged home on the 2nd 50 to take the top spot in 1:05.05. Elizabeth Fry continued her strong meet with a 1:05.81 for 2nd. Fry’s teammate Lexi Kolodgie was 3rd in 1:07.70.

Alex Blair took 1st in the 13-14 age group with a 1:00.67, which nipped Severna Park YMCA’s David Sears at the wall. Sears was 2nd with a 1:00.81, while Benjamin Selnick of Retrievers was 3rd with a 1:01.23.

50 Breaststrokes
In the 11-12 girls 50 breaststroke, Samantha Ai of NBAC won her 2nd event of the meet, going 31.92 for the top spot. Hannah Moskios of Annapolis Swim Club was 2nd with a 32.23, while unattached Sam Albano was 3rd, going a 32.82.

For the 11-12 boys, Jackson Schultz of Severna Park dropped a strong amount from prelims and that was the difference as he won in 32.97. Yahshua Garcia of Frederick County was 2nd with a 33.18, and just behind was Evan Frick of HUSH, going a 33.21 for 3rd.

Fiona Schere of Annapolis was first in the girls 10 & under with a 35.56, while Kacey McKenna of NBAC nabbed 2nd with a 35.82. Meghan Cole of Fox Swim Club was 3rd with a 36.12.

Alan Cherches of JCC-MD dominated the boys 10 & under 50 breast with a 35.30 to win by a second and half. Jack Burns of Retrievers was 2nd with a 36.84, while Jack Belbot of Loyola Blakefield finished 3rd with a 38.01.

200 Freestyles
In the open girls 200 free, it was Mary Pelton of NBAC (yes, that Pelton family) who led from start to finish as she went a lightning quick 1:46.59. Dani Potis of NBAC broke 1:50 for the first time going 1:49.88 for 2nd. Alice Treuth of Coastal Aquatics was 3rd in a lifetime best 1:51.54.

Arena Club Aquatics is having a stellar meet and it continued with outside smoke Dan Golczewski winning in a 1:39.42. After going a 1:40.07 to lead off the relay last night, he went another personal best to break 1:40 for the first time. Ben Lawless, who won the 1000 free last night, took 2nd in a 1:39.85. Lawless was interviewed after tonight’s session, so feel free to listen to it as he provides some insight into his meet so far. NBAC’s Ian Silverman touched out teammate Connor Kalisz at the wall for 3rd with a 1:40.24.

13 year olds owned the girls 13-14 200 free, as Easop Lee of NBAC continued a stellar meet with a 1:49.73 for the win. Another 13 year old finished 2nd, as Alayna Nielson of Eagles touched in 1:54.65. Megan Fields of NBAC was 3rd in 1:55.89.

In the boys 13-14 200 free, Dylan Arzoni of NBAC backed up his fast relay split from last night, as he won in 1:44.55. Zach Althoff of Monocacy Aquatic Club was 2nd in 1:45.61. Zach Dean of Naval Academy was 3rd in a 1:46.32.

100 Freestyles
Samantha Ai of NBAC amazed again as she won the 11-12 100 free handily in a blistering 53.44. Molly Jordan of Arena Club took 2nd in a 56.25, while Tori McCullough of Naval Academy was 3rd in a 56.73.

Yahshua Garcia of Frederick County Y took home the win in the 11-12 boys category with a 53.68. Last night’s 500 free champ David Gostomski of Eagles was 2nd with a 54.29. Conor Vienneau added a 3rd place to his 200 back win, going 55.60.

In the girls 10 & under age group, Ella Martin of Naval Academy was 1st in 1:01.68. Caroline Benda of NBAC of NBAC was 2nd in a 1:02.05. Meghan Cole of Fox added another 3rd place finish with a 1:02.43.

In a thrilling finish, Alan Cherches of JCC-MD and Alex Lakatta of NBAC tied for the win in 59.51. Both swimmers broke 1:00 for the first time. Back in 3rd was Gavin Currie of Monocacy with a 1:01.51.

100 Butterfly
Chesapeake Bay Aquatic Club had an outstanding showing in the open girls category as Kiley Beall finished first in a 55.50, with teammate Mairyn Branaman right behind in 55.83. Annie Hayburn of Annapolis was 3rd with a 56.14.

In the open boys, Cole Buese of NBAC ran away with the race as he cruised to a win in a quick 48.55. Dougie Kogut of Severna Park was 2nd in 50.09, while Philip Adejumo of Retrievers was 3rd in 50.30.
Easop Lee won her 2nd event of the evening as she went a scary fast 55.49 to win the 13-14 girls age group. That time would have won the open girls event. Morgan Liberto of Columbia Aquatics was 2nd with a 58.64, while Alayna Nielson nabbed 3rd in a 58.68.

Zach Dean finally got a state title as he nabbed first in 53.17. John Pressly of Frederick County had an impressive to take 2nd, going 53.97. Tyler Kim of Eagles was 3rd in 54.77.

50 Butterfly
For the 11-12 girls, it was Lillian Lowenthal of NBAC grabbing 1st in a time of 27.88. Brayden Bowen of NAAC was 2nd in a 28.31, while Becca Johnson of Monocacy was 3rd in a 28.48.

Charlie Hockersmith of Howard County Y was 1st in a 27.75. Yahshua Garcia continued a strong night, taking 2nd in a 28.02. Nick Roberts of Naval Academy was 3rd in a 28.09.

Kacey McKenna of NBAC won the girls 10 & under age group, as she raced to a 31.27. Sophie Chan of Chesapeake Bay was 2nd in 31.41, while Amy Kim of Howard County was 3rd in 31.90.

Brian Vance of Eagles was 1st in a 30.21, while Gavin Currie of Monocacy nabbed 2nd in 30.33. Cameron Shinnick of NBAC was 3rd in 30.82.

400 IM
Lauren James of NBAC doubled up to win the open girls 400 IM with a speedy 4:16.70. Lexie Gilbert of Naval Academy was 2nd in 4:29.32, while MaryKate Clancy of Loyola Blakefield was 3rd in a 4:30.44. It is worth that 13 year old Easop Lee would have finished 2nd overall with a 4:22, but was disqualified.

In an tight three-way race for first, it was David Gross of Arena Club who kept his hot meet going. He went 3:50.46 for a junior national cut thanks to a strong back half. Cole Buese of NBAC was well ahead at the halfway point, but finished 2nd in 3:52.80, which also made the junior national cut. Connor Kalisz of NBAC was 3rd in a 3:53.97.

Cassie Kalisz of NBAC won in the girls 13-14 category, going a 4:32.38 to beat teammate Elizabeth Fry. Fry was 2nd in 4:33.54, which barely beat out Erin Vance of Eagles, who went 4:33.61.

Dylan Arzoni of NBAC had a killer last 100 of 54.3, which was just enough to beat teammate Hamed Hudhud. Arzoni was 1st in 4:14.78, while Hudhud was 2nd in 4:15.58. In 3rd place was Tyler Kim of Eagles in 4:18.41.

200 IM
Even though she added 2 seconds from prelims, Gaby Jantac of NBAC did enough to hold off teammate Lillian Lowenthal to win the 11-12 girls 200 IM. Jantac finished in a 2:17.28, while Lowenthal was 2nd with a 2:17.80. Brayden Bowen of Naval Academy was 3rd in a 2:19.72.

Justin Nguyen of Eagles had a strong swim of 2:11.74 to win in the boys 11-12 age group. Conor Vienneau of Chesapeake was 2nd in a 2:14.97. Ryan Ordakowski of Severna Park was 3rd in a 2:15.48.
In the girls 10 & under 200 IM, Fiona Schere of Annapolis won her 2nd event of the evening with a 2:32.76. Caroline Benda of NBAC was 2nd in a 2:33.43 and teammate Kacey McKenna was 3rd in a 2:34.42.

Alex Lakatta took home the win as he went a 2:27.57 to beat out close competitor Alan Cherches of JCC-MD. Cherches went a 2:32.28, while Gavin Currie of Monocacy was 3rd in a 2:35.58.

Medley Relays
400 Medley Relays
In the open girls 400 medley relay, NBAC’s team of Mary Pelton (55.97), Lauren James (1:02.95), Dani Potis (57.05) and Korby Simpson (51.38) beat out Chesapeake Bay in a hard fought race. NBAC went 3:47.35, while Chesapeake went 3:49.33 for 2nd. Loyola Blakefield was well back in 3rd with a 3:57.98.

NBAC also won the men’s relay as well. Jason Ewart (50.74), Connor Kalisz (57.32), Cole Buese (49.19) and Evan Sherkness (46.62) combined for a 3:23.87 victory. Arena Club concluded a stellar for them with a runner up result of 3:26.24. Loyola Blakefield again took 3rd with a final time of 3:26.92.

NBAC won the girls 13-14 medley relay with Cassie Kalisz (58.44), Elizabeth Fry (1:06.16), Easop Lee (54.71) and Megan Fields (54.40) combining for a 3:53.71 rout of the field. Eagle Swim Team also broke 4:00, as they went 3:59.76 for 2nd place. Monocacy Aquatic Club was 3rd with a 4:08.20.

For the 13-14 boys, it was a showdown between Naval Academy and NBAC, with NBAC just eking out the win. The team of William Pelton (56.65), Hamed Hudhud (1:02.61), Jack Donahue (56.06) and Dylan Arzoni (48.75) combined for a 3:44.07 win. Naval Academy was dead even at the 300 thanks to Will Roberts incredible 53.9 fly leg, but Arzoni was too strong on the end. Monocacy Aquatic Club took 3rd in a 3:50.72.

200 Medley Relays
NBAC’s dominance extended into the shorter relays, winning the 11-12 girls won the 200 medley relay. Gaby Jantac (28.49), Samantha Ai (32.16), Lillian Lowenthal (27.46) and Allison Tomsuden (25.68) combined to go a 1:53.79. Monocacy Aquatic Club was 2nd in 1:58.39, while Naval Academy was third in 1:59.24.

Eagle Swim Team broke up NBAC’s win streak, as they won the boys 11-12 200 medley relay. David Gostomski (28.96), Justin Nguyen (31.66), Austin Nguyen (29.05) and Colin Bitz (26.12) won in 1:55.79. NBAC was 2nd in 1:57.88, while Naval Academy was 3rd in 2:02.15.

NBAC edged out Naval Academy in the girls 10 & under 200 medley relay. NBAC’s team of Danielle McNerney (34.91), Kacey McKenna (37.31), Brooke Shinnick (35.35) and Caroline Benda (28.77) won with a time of 2:16.34. Naval Academy was not far behind with a 2:17.00. Loyola Blakefield was 3rd with a 2:19.71.

In the final event of the evening, NBAC won the boys 10 & under 200 medley relay. Luke Jantac (32.69), Robert Fry (39.77), Cameron Shinnick (31.43) and Alex Lakatta (28.02) swam to a 2:11.91 victory. Columbia Aquatics Association out touched Naval Academy, 2:15.35 to 2:15.43, for 2nd. Naval Academy finished in 3rd place.

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