NAIA: Seattle Sweeps Cal Baptist, 2001 National Runner-Up

SEATTLE, Jan. 25. JOSEPH Laughlin (Jr., Albany, Ore./West Albany HS) and Sean Seaver(Jr., Ketchikan, Alaska/Ketchikan HS, Drury University) both won two events as Seattle University swept last year's NAIA runner up California Baptist University in a dual meet between national powers Friday evening at the
Connolly Center East Pool.

Seattle's men improved to 8-1 in dual meet competition
with a 124-81 victory while the women upped their record to 8-3 with a 118-87 win.

It was a sound win for the Redhawks whose teams both finished third, behind the Lancers of Cal Baptist at the NAIA national meet last year. The SU men have now knocked off last year's top two finishers–their lone loss coming against NCAA Division I power University of Hawaii.

Seaver set two new Connolly Center pool records in his two victories. He opened the first men's individual event of the meet with a convincing 21-second victory in the 1000-yard freestyle in a time of 9:34.20. That
shattered the previous mark of 9:41.99 set by Seaver earlier this year and was less than two seconds shy of the team record also set by Seaver a week ago today. He followed that up with a victory in the 500-yard freestyle in a pool record time of 4:38.04, marking the second consecutive meet in which that record has fallen.

Laughlin powered his way to victories in the 50-yard
freestyle (21.98) and the 100-yard butterfly (52.98).

Cal Baptist's Felix Sutanto swam to two victories in record-setting fashion as a total of seven men's pool records were shattered. Sutanto did his damage in the 200-yard individual medley (1:56.11) and the 100-yard
backstroke (52.05) to help keep the Lancers close. He also swam the first leg (backstroke) of the 200-yard medley relay and gave CBU a big lead to open. The relay ended up setting a new pool record with a time of 1:36.74.

CBU's Matt Berry set a new pool record with a time of 1:41.29 in the 200-yard freestyle.

The SU women received individual victories by five different swimmers and recorded the meet's lone sweep of an event in their victory. A total of three new women's pool records were set.

Kristen Michener (Fr., Sacramento, Calif./Loretto HS) outlasted CBU's Jessica Wild by .08 seconds to swim to victory in an exciting race in the 200-free to set a new pool record. Elise Fischbach (So., Eugene, Ore./ South Eugene HS) won the 100-back in 1:02.58 to lead Seattle to a 1-2-3 sweep in the event and extend the Redhawk lead to 84-66 for the meet after Cal Baptist had pulled within five points in the previous event.

CBU's Angie Hunter was a double-event winner, and Lindsay Devaney set a new pool record in the 200-individual medley with a time of 2:13.06.

The SU men and women's 800-yard freestyle relays set new pool records marking the first time in the five-year existence of the program that the event has been swum at the Connolly Center. The men finished in
7:07.58, while the women edged Cal Baptist by .23 seconds in a time of 8:08.24.

It was a fitting finish to the regular season for the Redhawks as both teams are expected to contend for the NAIA title this year after consecutive third-place finishes in the past two national championships. The Redhawks gear up for the post season with just the conference and national championship meets remaining on the schedule.

The Redhawks travel to Long Beach, Calif. for the Pacific Collegiate Conference championships at Belmont Plaza Feb. 18-20.

Results (All events in yards)
Team Results:
1-Seattle University, 124
2-California Baptist University, 81

200 Medley Relay: 1-CBU 'A' (Sutanto, Louvier, Sprankle,, Pillman), 1:36.74; 2-SU 'A' (Forgie, Hildwein, Davis, Huessy), 1:45.56; 3-SU 'B'
(Newcomb, Baker, Nakamoto, Tollett), 1:51.90.

1000 Freestyle: 1-Seaver, SU, 9:34.20; 2-Mueller, SU, 9:55.74; 3-Eastman, CBU, 10:01.75; 4-Lopez, CBU,
10:19.29; 5-Tollett, SU, 10:41.39.

200 Freestyle: 1-Berr, CBU, 1:41.29; 2-Kolbe, SU, 1:43.88; 3-Lamarche, SU, 1:49.43; 4-Milic, CBU, 1:51.82; 5-Baker, SU, 1:53.45; 6-Roberts, CBU, 2:01.08.

50 Freestyle: 1-Laughlin, SU, 0:21.98; 2-Dugger, CBU, 0:22.06; 3-Garcia, U, 0:22.23; 4-Cenzer, SU, 0:22.12; 5-Pillman, CBU, 0:22.76.

200 Ind. Medley: 1-Sutanto, CBU, 1:56.11; 2-Bartsch, SU, 1:56.44; 3-Forgie, SU, 2:03.40; 4-Heinz, CBU, 2:05.91; 5-Hildwein, SU, 2:06.78.

100 Butterfly: 1-Laughlin, SU, 0:52.98; 2-Sprankle, CBU, 0:53.39; 3-Davis, SU, 0:55.87; 4-Lopez, CBU, 0:55.99; 5-Nakamoto, SU, 0:56.43.

100 Freestyle: 1-Denzer, SU, 0:54.87; 2-Lamarche,
SU, 0:49.16; 3-Pillman, CBU, 0:49.39; 4-Dugger, CBU, 0:50.02; 5-Baker, SU, 0:52.90.

100 Backstroke: 1-Sutanto, CBU, 0;52.05; 2-Garcia, 0:54.69; 3-Bartsch, SU, 0:56.04; 4-Gorgie, 0:57.60; 5-Roberts, CBU, 1:02.21.

500 Freestyle: 1-Seaver, SU, 4:38.04; 2-Berry, CBU, 4:38.33; 3-Mueller, SU, 4:47.06; 4-Eastman,CBU, 4:48.04; 5-Huessy, SU, 5:07.86; 6-Milic, CBU, 5:08.32

100 Breaststroke: 1-Kolbe, SU, 0:59.44; 2-Louvier, CBU, 1:00.24; 3-Baker, SU, 1:04.03; 4-Hildwein, SU, 1:04.14; 5-Heniz, CBU, 1:04.23

800 Free Relay: 1-SU 'A' (Seaver, Bartsch, Mueller, Kolbe), 7:07.58; 2-CBU 'A' (Dugger, Lopez, Louvier, Berry), 7:14.92; 3-CBU 'B' (Sprankle, Eastman,
Milic, Heinz), 7:21.67; 4-SU 'B' (Garcia, Denzer, Nakamoto, Lamarche),7:22.26.

Team Results:
1-Seattle University, 118
2-California Baptist University,87

200 Medley Relay: 1-CBU 'A' (Wild, Okuda, Lanham, Dobberpuhl), 1:54.27; 2-SU 'A' (Fischbach, Rivera, Gallagher, Denzer), 1:55.82; 3-SU 'B' (Wong,Cooper, Cuevas, DiPasquale), 1:58.13; 4-CBU 'B' (Ogden, Krug, Kola, Hillwig), 2:03.24

1000 Freestyle: 1-Ackerman, SU, 10:53.92; 2-Fitzpatrick, CBU, 11:04.56; 3-Johansing, 11:13.85; 4-Gallagher, 2:04.71; 5-Swanson, SU, 11:33.10; 6-Lothridge, CBU, 2:06.50

200 Freestyle: 1-Michner, SU, 1:57.02; 2-Wild, CBU, 1:57.08; 3-Calldwell, 2:01.15; 4-Gallagher, SU, 2:04.71; 5-Dobberpuhl, CBU, 2:06.50; 6-Lothridge, CBU, 2:06.50.

50 Freestyle: 1-Hunter, 0:25.4; 2-Hillwia, CBU, 0:25.94; 3-Denzer, SU, 0:26.08; 4-DiPasquale, Su, 0:26.45; 5-hansen, Su, 0:26.47; 6-Krug, CBU, 0:26.48.

200 Ind. Medley: 1-Devaney, CBU, 2:13.06; 2-Fischbac h, SU, 2:16.91; 3-French, CBU, 2:22.49; 4-Wong, SU, 2:24.10; 5-Fong, Su, 2:28.10; 6-Berquist, CBU, 2:30.27

100 Butterfly: 1-Rivera, SU, 100.68; 2-Lanham, CBU, 1:02.37;3-Cooper, SU, 1:03.01; 4-Montague, SU, 1:03.01; 5-Kolarikova, CBU, 1:04.04;6-Migliazzo, CBU, 1:08.91

100 Freestyle: 1-Hunter, CBU, 0:55.08; 2-Michener, SU, 0:55.09; 3-Denzer, SU, 0:56.62; 4-Lothridge, CBU, 0:57.21; 5-DiPasquale, SU, 0:57.86; 6-Hillwig, CBU, 1:02.68.

100 Backstroke: 1-Fischbach, SU, 1:02.58; 2-Cuevas, SU, 1:02.78; 3-Caldwell, SU, 1:03.51; 4-Ogden, CBU, 1:06.15; 5-Covington, CBU, 1:07.34; 6-French, CBU, 1:07.76

500 Freestyle: 1-Devaney, CBU, 5:15.09; 2-Johansing, SU, 5:24.17; 3-Fitzpatrick, CBU, 5:27.52; 4-Ackerman, SU, 5:28.46; 5-Swanson, 5:39.56

100 Breaststroke: 1-Gallagher, SU, 1:12.14; 2-Cooper, SU, 1:12.20; 3-Rivera, SU, 1:13.13; 4-Okuda, CBU, 1:13.77; 5-Berquist, CBU, 1:14.36

800 Free Relay: 1-SU 'A' (Michener, Ackerman, Johansing, Caldwell), 8:08.24; 2-CBU 'A' (Wild, Dobberpuhl, Devaney, Hunter), 8:08.42; 3-CBU 'B' (Covington, Hillwig, Ogden, Lanham), 8:31.80; 4-SU 'B' (Hansen, Wong, Fong, Montague), 8:34.72

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