Misty’s Diary: September 18

(Note: This installment of Misty Hyman's diary was written on Monday, September 18. Yesterday, the 19th, she swam her two fastest swims ever in the 200 fly–both 2:07s. She had never cracked 2:09 before. Misty goes into tonight's final seeded fourth–in perfect position to bring another Olympic medal home to the USA. –P.W.)

SYDNEY, September 18

Dear Diary

Well, its another beautiful day in the Olympic Village, the day before my Olympic debut. I feel great.

My warm-ups have been going well post virus (had a little Aussie flu) and I have completely kicked it. I feel strong and confident! I did a broken 200 fly in the competition pool last night before finals-dive-29.0, 31.6,30.6, 30.3 on a one-minute interval. Felt smooth and strong.

After watching the finals last night and the night before I am so pumped up and have never felt more proud to be a part of this USA team. It was such a wonderful feeling to watch my teammates, Jenny and Dara, and my other USA teammates swim a world record in the 400 free relay.

I promised myself I wasn't going to yell so much that I would get hoarse, but I did and I am glad. I cried when they were on the award stand! Then seeing us go one-two in both the 400s last night–the USA really made a statement. We won't be denied! Dolan's intensity was so inspirational. Of course the girls were all so happy for Brooke-her reaction was so emotional and heartfelt-she instantly broke into tears upon seeing the time.

We are by far the most spririted team in the stands and watching friends, whether triumphant or not, go through this experience-makes me feel so special. We have pom poms, blue and red wigs, glitter and face paint. Tom Wilkens is one of our most spirited. He always wears a big felt Dr. Suess-type hat with flag pattern and face paint.

My most recent interest (cheesy I know) is trading pins. I have a great collection that I am putting on my swim bag- the best is when I get one from a country that I have to look up on a map!!

The plan for the day is the usual breakfast of oatmeal and hardboiled eggs in the eating hall and the usual regimen of supplements (about 20 of them!)

I am going to head over to the pool, have an appointmnet with my chiropractor at 10:30 and one with my trainer at 11:30 for stretching. After that, a little lunch and then BJ and I and some other girls are having our nails redone! BJ is fanatic about her nails-she must have them done, full set, right before
finals because she likes to break them when she hits the wall! She organized a lady to come into the village! After that I will nap swim a little tonight and relax! Get ready for the big day!

We shall see what happens! More after my race!


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