Misty’s Diary–First Day in the Olympic Village

SYDNEY, OLYMPIC VILLAGE. September 5. First entry from the Village.

Dear Diary,

FALLING asleep at my computer in the surf shack in the international center in the Olympic Village–not a good thing, as there is a very long "queue" (Aussie for
"line") to get on these computers. Just trying to stay awake until 9:00 pm so I can
recover from my jetlag as soon as possible.

The flight wasn't too bad–Michael Phelps and I had fun and sat next to each other and played games and read girlie mags. I think I slept about 6 or 7 hours, but I am definitely feeling it now.

The Village is incredible! We are actually in a house with 7 rooms in it! Twenty of us girls are staying here and (coaches) Jack B. and Richard Q. are in the trailer in our back yard! It is a nice house and, from what I hear, much better than the "dorms" in Atlanta. The housing part of the Village is like a little neighborhood. (I look forward to the international block parties.)

Julia and Erin and I are here after playing air hockey, my favorite arcade game. Julia kicked my butt–not really, though it was like 5-6! We also played pinball in the free arcade.

It's fun to see all the other athletes from the other countries, but sometimes easy to forget about the language barrier! I bought a couple of cameras and can't wait to get my photos developed!

More on this tomorrow… I can't stay awake any longer–gotta catch the bus from the International Center, where I am now, back to my house, #804

See ya tomorrow,


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