Missy Franklin Set For Motion Picture Debut in Vince Vaughn Film — Updated With Confirmation of Non-Acceptance of Payment

PHOENIX, Arizona, August 24. MISSY Franklin skipped class at Regis Jesuit High School today for a trip to New York City and an appearance on the “Today” show, where, among other things, she announced that she is scheduled to film a cameo in an upcoming movie starring Vince Vaughn.

Franklin did not spill details on her role in the film, titled “The Internship,” but Swimming World has learned that filming will take place over three days next month. IMDB.com does not give a release date for the film, but says that it will be in theaters in 2013. Owen Wilson and Vaughn will play two men in their 40s who are laid off from their jobs and forced to take an internship with much younger men as their bosses. Will Ferrell is also in the cast. Though the film won't get a rating until just before release, Vaughn and Ferrell typically star in R-rated films, and luckily, Franklin will be old enough to watch the film in a theater without parental permission. (She will be 18 years old next May.)

With Franklin not yet making a decision involving her NCAA eligibility, she was not able to take a fee for the film cameo. Franklin's mother (and temporary public relations manager) D.A. Franklin confirmed non-acceptance of payment to Swimming World in an email, saying “At this point, it is still important to her to maintain her college eligibility.” Franklin told Lauer that she is still weighing all of her options regarding the weighty decision of competing in college or becoming a professional swimmer, and that she will take her recruiting trips this fall as planned.

D.A. Franklin told Swimming World that her daughter is still leaning toward competing in college, but hinted that it might not be all four years, and concluded her email saying that Missy's top priority is having friends over when she returns on Sunday “to decorate overalls for (high school) football games.”

Missy Franklin also has her eyes set on competition, and started dryland work last week, according to her mother, with a scheduled return to the pool on Sept. 10.

While Ryan Lochte has already filmed his cameo for an upcoming episode of the TV show “90210,” Franklin's cameo leapfrogs her ahead of Lochte and other Olympians in terms of exposure. No other current athlete in the United States has publicly announced an upcoming appearance in a theatrical release.

Franklin also talked on “Today” about her Justin Bieber obsession, her Olympic rings tattoo and returning to high school after her Olympic success. She also mentioned that she is participating in Arthur Ashe Kid's Day in New York this weekend as part of the U.S. Open tennis championship festivities.

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