Michael Andrew Takes Down Own NAG in 200 Butterfly

ORLANDO, Florida, March 19. ALTHOUGH Michael Andrew failed to lower his own 13-14 NAG in the 100 breaststroke, he more than made up for it less than 30 minutes later in the boys 200 butterfly. Andrew’s second-place finishing time of 1:45.39 was a new NAG. Andrew held the record previously at a 1:46.29.

18 year old Robert McHugh and Andrew went head to head during the race until the 125, when a stellar underwater pushed McHugh into the lead. McHugh extended his lead to nearly a half body length by the finish, and touched first at a 1:43.23. This was a best time for McHugh by several tenths of a second. For his part, Andrew was first to the 50, taking the race out in a 22.97. He turned at the 100 at a 49.4 before McHugh took over the lead, leaving Andrew to claim second place.

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Author: Shoshanna Rutemiller


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