Messages of Support from Swim Family Around the World

Swiminfo continues to be inundated with letters and expressions of support from the swimming family around the world. Here are two from our correspondents in Australia and Japan, and one from a colleague in Italy:

From Steve Thomas in Australia:
"It has taken me a full day to put these few words together, it is still almost too hard to comprehend what has happen in New York.

I could not work yesterday, much like anyone I spoke to here in Sydney we just felt shocked and horrified. Very few words were spoken at Masters squad here at North Sydney pool last night. To contemplate the same thing happening to this city … just unbelievable.

I know I speak for all Aussies, our hearts and prayers go out to you."

Steve Thomas

From Hideki Mochizuki in Japan:
"A little over 20 Japanese businessmen who worked at Trade Center are still missing.

It is just an unbearable tragedy and we share the sense of justice and hope that world swimming community is being united in the fight against evil terrorism.

I hope your family and friends are OK."

Hideki Mochizuki

From Walter Bolognani in Italy
"Our swimming portal closed for a day the news service in respect to the tragedy in New York. We could not go on.

"We are sending our prayer to all the families and the children who couldn't hug dad or mom, back from their job."

Walter Bolognani

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