MacDonald’s Valiant Try Falls Victim to Injury

ENGLISH CHANNEL, Atlantic Ocean, September 5. CROSSING the English Channel three times without stopping. It his hard to even imagine.

Unfortunately, 48 minutes after starting her final leg toward France, Marcy MacDonald’s quest came to a halt, though her efforts to raise money to fight cancer may have effects in years yet to come.

SwimInfo has obtained the following e-mails from the captain of Marcy’s support boat, Michael Oram, to MacDonald’s triple teammate Dave Parcells.

Parcells was intending to undertake the same triple crossing as Marcy until bad weather closed out their intended August 22-28 window, and he had to return to Connecticut. SwimInfo will later run an excerpt from Parcells wherein he describes his new “Triple” strategy.


7:40pm EST
She is on her way back to France. Landed in Shakespeare Bay at 0012. Second leg – 11 hours 46 mins. Total time for both legs, 23 hours exactly.
Now she has the perfect start time and place for her 3rd leg.

Suffering from shoulder pain and tired, but giving it her best. Wind is dropping off too.

Just heard that Neil Streeter is on his way out with Andy McGregor's relay team.
(Michael Oram's email to Dave Parcells)

8:18pm EST
Have just had a long talk to Marcy and we have taken her out.

She started swimming with one arm and we think she has pulled a tendon in her left arm pit.

Told her she would be a hazard to shipping swimming around in circles especially with no leg kick.
(Michael Oram's email to Dave Parcells


Well, Marcy may not have made the triple but it is still good to explain why she was trying:

The goal of their Triple Crossing is to raise funds for Swim Across the Sounds Cancer programs for families and kids with suffering from cancer. They have set a goal of $200,000 with anonymous donor pledging $100,000 who has in turn challenged Dave and Marcy to match that pledge.

So they need your support in order to reach this goal. Please consider a generous donation so they can help others suffering from cancer.
Please contact Scott Lautman to see how you can help.

Scott Lautman
Manager, Employee Relations – SEAHR
206-392-5723 Desk
206-392-5860 FAX

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