Lochte’s “My Time” Has Yet To Be Defined

By Brent Rutemiller

LONDON, England, July 30. THE 2012 Olympic Games is supposed to be “My Time” for Ryan Lochte. Any “Time” in Olympic history must be based on a defining moment. A defining moment is critical to any legacy. What will be Lochte's defining moment?

As of today, it could very well have been defined last evening when he anchored USA's 4 x 100 freestyle relay. He took control of his destiny when he dove in with the lead and lost it to France. Lochte looked shell shocked after the race. How he recovers from that mental blow, will be his defining moment.

Lochte's gold medal in the 400 IM the night before was impressive. He won by the widest of margins in the event's history, but it was not his defining moment.

Although Lochte had never anchored this relay, he was the man for the moment. No second guessing the relay members or the order of swims. He was assigned to swim the final leg. “We didn't want to get caught up in the wash behind Australia,'' said men's head coach Gregg Troy as to the reason for placing Lochte in the anchor position. “The goal was to get open water.''

One crushing gold medal. One devastating silver. Lochte looked lost in interviews after the relay loss. He had a dazed, empty look in his eye. If Lochte does not recover, that silver moment stands to define him.

Lochte has unfinished business in these games and the real story is about to be written. Lochte should not be defined by that relay. How he responds in his next race and the ones that follow, will be the true measure of his time.

Overcoming adversity is part of the Olympic lore and Ryan Lochte has that opportunity to stamp his name into the Olympic annals of time.

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