Liu is 200 Fly Repeat Champion

It was a role reversal of the prelim swim. In the morning Liu took it out fast and Hyman came zipping by in the last 25. In the finals Hyman set the early pace with her phenominal underwater kicking skills and held the lead until the last turn. Lui came up ahead, but Hyman made a valiant underwater effort but couldn't swim by her in the last 10 meters. Still an impressive swim after her 2:08 200 Back a little earier. Liu won the event for the second straight year with a time of 2:06.04.

The two-some finished well ahead of 3rd place which was a five swimmer battle over the last 50 with Shelly Ripple of Stanford taking third (after also finishing 2nd in the 200 Back a short time before). Katie Younglove from UCLA had a strong showing by moving up to 4th, Panighetti was 5th, Erin Voit 6th, Yeo 7th, and Jackson floated in to complete the top 8.

1. Limin Liu Nevada 2:06.04
2. Misty Hyman Stan 2:06.55
3. Shelly Ripple Stan 2:10.21
4. Katie Younglove UCLA 2:10.46
5. Gina Panighetti WI 2:11.64
6. Erin Voit AZ 2:11.79
7. Joscelin Yeo Cal 2:12.45
8. Trina Jackson AZ 2:15.23

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