Life is Worth Swimming: New Race Club DVD From Gary Hall Sr.

PHOENIX, Arizona, December 14. FIND out why life is truly worth swimming from three time Olympic swimming medalist Gary Hall Sr., who takes us on a journey through the five swimming disciplines that are needed for success. He is joined by 4-time Olympic swimmer George Bovell III and NCAA swimming champion Bobby Savulich. The video was produced at the Race Club's swim training grounds in the Florida Keys.

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Discover the culmination of The Race Club's years of Olympic level swimming experience. Learn the secrets to fast swimming. Gain training knowledge from The Race Club: Home of 33 Olympic swimmers and 24 Olympic medals.

Listen to discussions on mental training, nutrition and goal setting. Learn the secrets to fast freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke. Get the latest thoughts on starts and turns.

“If you want to fall back in love with the sport of swimming or inspire the next generation, this is your video” – Brent Rutemiller, Publisher of Swimming World Magazine

Stunning Video and High Production Value!

VIdeo Chapter Titles:

1. Lactate Training

2. Freestyle

3. Mental Training

4. Butterfly

5. Backstroke

6. Breastroke

7. Drills

8. Recovery

9. Nutritional Training

10. Physical Training

11. Setting Goals

12. Turns

13. Platinum Performance

14. Starts

15. Streamline

16. Kicking

17. Mental Toughness

18. Life is Worth Swimming

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