Learn How the BOSU Ball Can Help With Push-Ups In This Dryland Tip!

SANTA CLARA, California, March 5. YOU have probably seen the BOSU ball lying around at your gym, weight room or fitness center, but never really knew exactly how it could help you be a better swimmer. Today's dryland tip shows you one way the BOSU (Both Sides Utilized) ball can get you stronger.

BOSU balls can help you finely enhance stability by adding instability to your exercise. This tool can help improve balance, core strength and increase the amount of muscles contributing to the exercise. Center of Optimization intern Chris Barber demonstrates in this video.

Directions: Place the BOSU ball's round side down in front of you. Put your hands on either side of the BOSU ball in balanced position. Then stretch your legs out behind you so you start in a push-up position. Slowly lower yourself until your chest touches the flat surface. Then push up explosively until you get just before the point where your elbows lock. Lower yourself back down again to perform your second rep. Make sure to control your shoulder blades, having them move slowly down and back for each repetition. Perform anywhere from 5 – 15 repetitions.

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