Latest Update on Coach George Haines

(This is the latest periodic update on Coach George Haines' recovery from a stroke suffered in July. It is written by his daughter, Kerry Haines Derr.)

Hello Friends,

THIS is just a short message to let you know that Dad is doing pretty well.

He is adjusting to his assisted living home. He has some good days and some not so good, but all in all it is OK. He is still working with the physical therapist three days a week. He is working on standing up alone using his walker. That is really hard work but he is hanging in there. On the other hand, he absolutely hates speech therapy and I am sorry to report there is
little progress here. We have plenty of frustration
playing "20 questions" with him to try and figure out what he wants. We (Dad included) have some real laughs, too, trying to guess what he wants!!

He has had some wonderful visits from his swimmers. Some from SCSC and UCLA so far. Coaches and friends have stopped in too. Visitors have shared special memories and favorite photos of the past and present.

Suzy Jones Roy brought a recent picture of her sitting on top of a crocodile in Thailand!!! He shows that one to his kids and grandkids and says: Yeeew!!! Pretty remarkable picture. Doug Rowe brought him a UCLA baseball cap and he seemed pretty pleased with that because he started working on the bill of the cap right away! Had to round it just so!! Dick Roth showed up with his scrapbooks and was dressed in the old SCSC traveling sweats we had for the National meets. He never did say how he ended up with one of those!!!

Steve Clark brought old swimming magazines, Life, and the smallest old Speedo!!! Anyone looking to visit can email me at ( we can set it up.

As a final note, Mom is doing pretty well. She spends a good portion of each day with Dad. If she is just a tad bit late in arriving, he can be found waiting for her at the front door!! He has even ventured outside to the parking area!! All the local family is usually around each day. One sister tries to make it to the home's exercise session, another sister is there during P.T., OT and sometimes speech. I usually see him on my way home from work each day. He is never too lonesome…. hopefully.

Dad's mailing address:
1033 Tioga Ct.
Lincoln, CA 95648

Also, the SCSC reunion scheduled for November 3 has been postponed. Dad can't travel that distance yet, so maybe in 2002!!

Thanks again for all your care and concern.

Kerry Haines Derr

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