Latest Update on Coach George Haines’ Recovery

(This is the latest update by Kerry Hainess Derr, reporting on her father, Coach George Haines’ recovery from a stroke in July.)

Hello well wishers!!

I know, I know, I didn’t write to you all last weekend. We had other things going on.

Dad had an overnight trip home on Saturday of Labor Day weekend. He had a 24 hour pass for a trial run. He arrived home on Saturday about 3pm and then left the house Sunday at 6pm for the rehab facility. We learned that it is a great deal of work to move a 6 foot, 190 lb. guy from the wheelchair to the bed, chair, commode etc. We think we have hired a home healthcare provider to help Mom when Dad comes home next week. We will firm up the plans later this week.

We all attended family day on Wednesday. Jan, Jody, Kerry, Paula and my husband, Walt, attended. We learned all the proper techniques for transferring Dad from the wheelchair to a bed, car, commode. Dad worked so hard during our lessons, I felt really sorry for him at the end of the day. I know he is working harder than any of us ever worked for him in the pool and that’s saying a lot. I cannot stress how tough rehab is. He maintains his good sense of humor through it all and has shown little anger to his therapist.. that’s not to say he hasn’t given then heck in his own way!!!

Dad is coming home Wednesday of next week. He will then have home therapy visits from??? at least P.T. and speech.. Then he will have Jody to contend with. She has taken all the notes, made drawings, gotten extra instructions. She will augment his home therapies. She and her twin boys have already made a base for his recliner, raising it about 3-4 inches so he can transfer into and out of it more easily. Jody has another project for her twins to make. She has gotten the instructions to make the arm scooter which exercises his right arm muscles!! Busy, busy!!

Dad has walked with substantial assistance with a walker. He went about 10-15 feet and then sat down. There is hope he will walk with a walker at some point in the future. Only time will tell. It is sooooo hard. Speech is still a big hurdle but we are not giving up and neither is he… time!!!

This should bring everyone up to date… Keep your prayers and positive thoughts coming. We need them big time. Thanks for all the cards, letters, photos, Dad really enjoys them. (We do know he can read short sentences…great!!). Any questions, email me at:

Thanks again,

Kerry Haines Derr

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