Kosuke Kitajima Weds Fiancee on His 31st Birthday

TOKYO, Japan, September 23. OLYMPIC breaststroke legend Kosuke Kitajima made the most of his 31st birthday on Sunday, marrying his fiancee, the pop star Chisa.

Kitajima and Chisa met a couple of years ago, and Kitajima told media after their New Year’s Eve engagement last year that Chisa gave him motivation to keep training for the London Olympics. Kitajima won a silver medal in the 400 medley relay but was unsuccessful in his bid to win the 100 and/or 200 breaststroke events at three Olympics.

Chisa is a member of the pop group Girl Next Door, and when the group disbands in December, Chisa will retire from singing and be a full-time wife to Kitajima, who has not announced any intentions to retire in the near future.

“The moment we wrote our name in marriage, it was very, very moving,” Chisa told Yahoo Japan.

Yahoo Japan article (in Japanese)

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