Kelly McNichols Leads Naperville Central to Illinois State Girls High School Championship

EVANSTON, Ill., Nov. 20. NAPERVILLE Central junior Kelly McNichols led her team to the state high school championship this evening, winning two individual events and swimming a leg on her school's victorious 400 yard freestyle relay.

McNichols won a pair of events (200-500 yard freestyles), set a pair of state records en route to the gold (1:47.26/4:50.85) and led off the Naperville 400 free relay. Her 200 time is far and away the fastest in the nation this year, while her 500 time places her among the top five.

Interestingly, Central also set a state record in the 200 medley relay (1:45.70) but did so without McNichols on the team. Not that she wasn't fast enough…just that with the two/one rule (i.e., swimmers can complete in only two individual races and one relay or vice versa) she opted for the 400 free relay instead.

The old 200 free record belonged to Mary Descenza, now a University of Georgia junior who just missed making the U.S. Olympic Team last summer in Long Beach. Her time was a 1:48.44 at this meet three years ago when she was a student at Rosary High.

DeScenza is now the defending NCAA 200 fly champ for Coach Jack Bauerle's Lady Bulldogs. She still holds the Illinois high school 100 fly record with her 53.11. At last season's SECs in her home pool at Athens, she won both flys (51.70/ 1:53.93), Bulldog records and among the fastest times ever.

Another record-setter was Freeport junior Deidre DeWall, who broke the 100 back standard with her 56.24. The old mark was 56.29.

Although she didn't set a record, Ashley Wanland, a freshman at Linconshire Stevenson High, won the 100 breast in a creditable and pr 1:02.82, third on the all-time Illinois prep list.


NOV. 20, 2004



* State Record


Pl. School Points
1 Naperville (Central) 168
2 Aurora (Rosary) 131
3 Lake Forest (H.S.) 101
4 Winnetka (New Trier) 83
5 Naperville (Neuqua Valley) 80
6 Evanston (Twp.) 70
7 Naperville (North) 57
8 Hinsdale (Central) 51
8 Northbrook (Glenbrook North) 51
10 Champaign (Centennial)


(Note: Illinois goes six and six, i.e., top six qualifiers are in finals, next six-fastest swim consols.)

200-Yard Freestyle
Pl. Competitor, School Time
1 Kelly McNichols (Jr.), Naperville (Central) 1:47.26*
2 Emily Lanteigne (Jr.), Naperville (North) 1:50.63
3 Kelly Krzemienski (Jr.), Naperville (Central) 1:51.60
4 Catherine Nosal (Jr.), St. Charles (North) 1:51.76
5 Amy Funk (Jr.), Palatine (Fremd) 1:53.90
6 Kate Orbon (Sr.), Northbrook (Glenbrook North) 1:55.54
7 Emily Hoefler (Sr.), Downers Grove (South) 1:54.57
8 Mairen Foley (Sr.), Winnetka (New Trier) 1:55.01
9 Elizabeth Clarke (Fr.), Wilmette (Loyola Academy) 1:55.22
10 Carly Beck (Jr.), Lake Forest (H.S.) 1:55.27
11 Katie Heenan (Fr.), Hinsdale (Central) 1:55.54
12 Agatha Kwasnik (Jr.), Lake Forest (H.S.) 1:55.84

200-Yard Individual Medley
Pl. Competitor, School Time
1 Ashley Jones (Jr.), Minooka 2:02.95
2 Deidre DeWall (Jr.), Freeport (H.S.) 2:04.27
3 Amy Prestinario (Fr.), Naperville (Central) 2:05.57
4 Heather Kiluk (Sr.), Libertyville 2:05.83
5 Danielle Herrmann (Sr.), Roselle (Lake Park) 2:05.92
6 Elena Ramirez (Sr.), Champaign (St. Thomas More) 2:07.10
7 Maggie O'Brien (So.), Northbrook (Glenbrook North) 2:07.24
8 Payton Johnson (Sr.), Champaign (Centennial) 2:07.36
9 Malarie Schmidt (Sr.), Aurora (Rosary) 2:08.43
10 Kelsie Neubauer (So.), Libertyville 2:09.19
11 Meghan Fiene (Sr.), Naperville (North) 2:10.79
12 Christina Yemm (Sr.), Sterling (H.S.) 2:10.82

50-Yard Freestyle
Pl. Competitor, School Time
1 Lindsey Kelly (Sr.), Lake Forest (H.S.) :23.46
2 Emily Dominski (Fr.), Winnetka (New Trier) :23.60
3 Abby Glaser (Jr.), Aurora (Rosary) :23.86
4 Kathryn Snedeker (So.), Hinsdale (Central) :23.88
5 Elizabeth Bell (Sr.), Oak Park (Fenwick) :24.22
6 Kate Aherne (Jr.), Cary (C.-Grove) :24.26
7 Betsy Webb (Fr.), Wilmette (Loyola Academy) :23.84
8 Amy Reams (Jr.), Evanston (Twp.) :24.29
9 Amanda Cody (Sr.), Orland Park (Sandburg) :24.31
10 Rachel Fedyk (Sr.), Morrison :24.35
11 Julie DeBruin (Jr.), Naperville (North) :24.41
12 Christine Mauro (So.), Lake Forest (H.S.) :24.52

Pl. Competitor, School Mark
1 Lucy Hirt (Sr.), Mundelein (H.S.) 385.55
2 Marina Mendoza (Sr.), Urbana (H.S.) 381.90
3 Elysse Rowland (Fr.), Wilmette (Loyola Academy) 378.30
4 Courtney Cozad (So.), Champaign (Centennial) 368.10
5 Nikki Spillone (Jr.), Mundelein (H.S.) 363.50
6 Mallory Mullady (So.), Lake Forest (H.S.) 363.30
7 Kate Prorok (Sr.), Arlington Heights (Hersey) 356.50
8 Kyla Bachtell (Jr.), Aurora (Waubonsie Valley) 353.25
9 Emily Walter (Sr.), LaGrange (Lyons) 348.45
10 Alyx Korn (So.), Palatine (H.S.) 346.90
11 Lauren Griffin (Sr.), Flossmoor (Homewood-F.) 327.70
12 Monica Oddo (So.), Glenview (Glenbrook South) 324.50

100-Yard Butterfly
Pl. Competitor, School Time
1 Payton Johnson (Sr.), Champaign (Centennial) :55.38
2 Laura Wadden (Sr.), Evanston (Twp.) :55.45
3 Elena Ramirez (Sr.), Champaign (St. Thomas More) :56.22
4 Kayla Redig (Jr.), Downers Grove (North) :56.32
5 Tina Vande Vusse (Sr.), Des Plaines (Maine West) :56.82
6 Patty Descenza (Jr.), Aurora (Rosary) :57.68
7 Katie Michelau (Jr.), Lincolnshire (Stevenson) :57.18
8 Caitlin Dauw (Fr.), St. Charles (East) :57.83
9 Betsy Lange (Sr.), Darien (Hinsdale South) :57.90
9 Daniela Cubelic (Fr.), Glenview (Glenbrook South) :57.90
11 Coralie Baumann (Sr.), Quincy (Sr.) :58.14
12 Allie Davitt (Fr.), Lake Forest (H.S.) :58.35

100-Yard Freestyle
Pl. Competitor, School Time
1 Melissa Marik (Jr.), Naperville (Neuqua Valley) :51.40
2 Emily Dominski (Fr.), Winnetka (New Trier) :51.44
3 Kelly Krzemienski (Jr.), Naperville (Central) :51.72
4 Maggie O'Brien (So.), Northbrook (Glenbrook North) :52.12
5 Abby Glaser (Jr.), Aurora (Rosary) :52.38
6 Emily Hoefler (Sr.), Downers Grove (South) :52.70
7 Angela Yu (So.), Barrington :52.35
8 Elizabeth Clarke (Fr.), Wilmette (Loyola Academy) :52.43
9 Jenny Toler (Sr.), Elk Grove Village (E.G.) :52.85
10 Christine Kuczek (Jr.), Deerfield :52.86
11 Amanda Cody (Sr.), Orland Park (Sandburg) :53.13
12 Kathryn Snedeker (So.), Hinsdale (Central) :53.85

500-Yard Freestyle
Pl. Competitor, School Time
1 Kelly McNichols (Jr.), Naperville (Central) 4:50.85*
2 Emily Lanteigne (Jr.), Naperville (North) 4:58.30
3 Ashley Jones (Jr.), Minooka 5:00.78
4 Catherine Nosal (Jr.), St. Charles (North) 5:01.22
5 Amy Prestinario (Fr.), Naperville (Central) 5:01.44
6 Heather Kiluk (Sr.), Libertyville 5:03.11
7 Amy Forsberg (Jr.), Downers Grove (South) 5:02.41
8 Cassie Luhrsen (Jr.), O'Fallon 5:03.53
9 Lindsey Shirley (Sr.), Warrensburg (W.-Latham) 5:06.03
10 Katie Heenan (Fr.), Hinsdale (Central) 5:08.01
11 Kelly Kono (Sr.), LaGrange (Lyons) 5:08.27
12 Christine Mauro (So.), Lake Forest (H.S.) 5:10.77

100-Yard Backstroke
Pl. Competitor, School Time
1 Deidre DeWall (Jr.), Freeport (H.S.) :56.24*
2 Alison Gschwend (Sr.), Champaign (Centennial) :56.50
3 Melissa Marik (Jr.), Naperville (Neuqua Valley) :56.69
4 Laura Wadden (Sr.), Evanston (Twp.) :57.03
5 Malarie Schmidt (Sr.), Aurora (Rosary) :58.42
6 Danielle Buglio (Sr.), Oak Park (Fenwick) :59.90
7 Betsy Webb (Fr.), Wilmette (Loyola Academy) :58.34
8 Laura Adrian (Fr.), Quincy (Sr.) :58.68
9 Catrina Roth (Sr.), Batavia :58.93
10 Katie Jasmon (Jr.), Springfield (Sacred Heart-Griffin) :59.58
11 Patty Descenza (Jr.), Aurora (Rosary) 1:00.39
12 Kate Aherne (Jr.), Cary (C.-Grove) 1:00.53

100-Yard Breaststroke
Pl. Competitor, School Time
1 Ashley Wanland (Fr.), Lincolnshire (Stevenson) 1:02.82
2 Lindsey Kolar (So.), Carbondale 1:04.78
3 Danielle Herrmann (Sr.), Roselle (Lake Park) 1:05.24
4 Meghan Fiene (Sr.), Naperville (North) 1:06.16
5 Taylor Zafir (Fr.), Wheaton (W. Warrenville South) 1:06.29
6 Brittany Doss (So.), Aurora (Rosary) 1:06.67
7 Kelsey Ammentorp (Sr.), Hoffman Estates (Conant) 1:06.85
8 Alexa Hamilton (Fr.), Barrington 1:07.00
9 Kathleen Patterson (Fr.), Naperville (Neuqua Valley) 1:07.10
10 Hannah Meyer (Sr.), Aurora (Rosary) 1:07.14
11 Natalie Walker (Fr.), Crystal Lake (Central) 1:07.51
12 Sheila Dugan (Sr.), Chicago (Mother McAuley)

200-Yard Medley Relay Pl. Competitor, School Time
1 Naperville (Central) 1:45.70* Sarah Pucci (Jr.), Kelly McNichols (Jr.), Amy Prestinario (Fr.), Stephanie Coutts (Sr.)
2 Naperville (Neuqua
Valley) 1:46.27Melissa Marik (Jr.), Kathleen Patterson (Fr.), Bethany Bratsos (So.), Katie Soltys (So.)
3 Lake Forest (H.S.) 1:47.10 Hilary Leigh (Jr.), Brittany Whipple (Jr.), Allie Davitt (Fr.), Lindsey Kelly (Sr.)
4 Aurora (Rosary) 1:47.15
Malarie Schmidt (Sr.), Brittany Doss (So.), Patty Descenza (Jr.), Michelle Pircon (Jr.)
5 Evanston (Twp.) 1:48.93 Percy Kazl (Sr.), Sara Hostalet (Sr.), Laura Wadden (Sr.), Amy Reams (Jr.)6 Lincolnshire (Stevenson) 1:49.74 Lu Yao (So.), Ashley Wanland (Fr.), Katie Michelau (Jr.), Aubrey Wanland (Jr.)

Libertyville 1:49.57 Rachel Sparks (So.), Kelsie Neubauer (So.), Heather Kiluk (Sr.), Shannon Sparks (Jr.)
8 Hinsdale (Central) 1:49.59 Siobhan Lawler (Fr.), Becca DeSalle (So.), Becca Tyson (So.), Ashley Anlauf (Jr.)
9 Roselle (Lake
Park) 1:49.98 Sarah Reynertson (Sr.), Danielle Herrmann (Sr.), Sam Byrnes (Jr.), Ashley Casper (Sr.)
10 Wilmette (Loyola Academy) 1:50.40 Betsy Webb (Fr.), Carey Stauder (So.), Elisabeth Lasalle (So.), Jessie Amend (Fr.)
11 Champaign (Centennial)
1:50.81Alison Gschwend (Sr.), Sarah Korellis (So.), Payton Johnson (Sr.), Emily Westervelt (So.)
12 Naperville (North) 1:51.04 Justina Jungel (Sr.), Meghan Fiene (Sr.), Julie DeBruin (Jr.), Jourdan Bertrams (Sr.)

200-Yard Freestyle Relay
Pl. Competitor, School Time
1 Winnetka (New Trier) 1:36.51
Lindsey Dattels (Sr.), Mairen Foley (Sr.),
Kara MacLaverty (Sr.), Emily Dominski (Fr.)
2 Naperville (Central) 1:36.65
Amy Prestinario (Fr.), Heather Gardner (Fr.),
Stephanie Coutts (Sr.), Kelly Krzemienski (Jr.)
3 Aurora (Rosary) 1:36.72
Abby Glaser (Jr.), Michelle Pircon (Jr.),
Kalea Middendorf (Jr.), Amy Schaefer (So.)
4 Evanston (Twp.) 1:36.81
Sara Hostalet (Sr.), Amy Reams (Jr.),
Jenny Kruse (So.), Laura Wadden (Sr.)
4 Lake Forest (H.S.) 1:36.81
Lindsey Kelly (Sr.), Carly Beck (Jr.),
Christine Mauro (So.), Agatha Kwasnik (Jr.)
6 LaGrange (Lyons) 1:37.18
Ashley Cusack (Jr.), Laura Ansilio (Sr.),
Kelly Kono (Sr.), Jenna Tschaikovsky (Sr.)

7 Hinsdale (Central) 1:37.84
Ashley Anlauf (Jr.), Kathryn Snedeker (So.),
Siobhan Lawler (Fr.), Meghan Connor (Sr.)
8 Orland Park (Sandburg) 1:37.86
Alison Schilling (Jr.), Jessica Jenkot (Fr.),
Nicole Srutowski (Sr.), Amanda Cody (Sr.)
9 St. Charles (North) 1:37.91
Catherine Nosal (Jr.), Briana Motley (Sr.),
Melanie Edgar (Jr.), Kaylee Jamison (So.)
10 Northbrook (Glenbrook North) 1:37.95
Maggie O'Brien (So.), Mari Montgomery (Sr.),
Kate Orbon (Sr.), Francie Szostak (So.)
11 Oak Park (Fenwick) 1:38.50
Elizabeth Bell (Sr.), Alison Pavlik (So.),
Danielle Buglio (Sr.), Meghan Barron (So.)
12 Downers Grove (South) 1:38.54
Sarah Broker (Jr.), Courtney Burdick (Sr.),
Megan Bomicino (Fr.), Emily Hoefler (Sr.)

400-Yard Freestyle Relay
Pl. Competitor, School Time
1 Naperville (Central) 3:27.44
Kelly McNichols (Jr.), Heather Gardner (Fr.),
Stephanie Coutts (Sr.), Kelly Krzemienski (Jr.)
2 Aurora (Rosary) 3:31.12
Abby Glaser (Jr.), Malarie Schmidt (Sr.),
Kalea Middendorf (Jr.), Amy Schaefer (So.)
3 Lake Forest (H.S.) 3:31.71
Agatha Kwasnik (Jr.), Carly Beck (Jr.),
Christine Mauro (So.), Lindsey Kelly (Sr.)
4 Naperville (Neuqua Valley) 3:32.15
Katie Soltys (So.), Andrea Belter (Fr.),
Meghan Patterson (Sr.), Melissa Marik (Jr.)
5 Winnetka (New Trier) 3:32.29
Mairen Foley (Sr.), Kara MacLaverty (Sr.),
Emily Cole (Sr.), Emily Dominski (Fr.)
6 Northbrook (Glenbrook North) 3:33.18
Maggie O'Brien (So.), Mari Montgomery (Sr.),
Kate Orbon (Sr.), Francie Szostak (So.)

7 Naperville (North) 3:32.72
Emily Lanteigne (Jr.), Julie DeBruin (Jr.),
Susan Strong (Sr.), Meghan Fiene (Sr.)
8 Hinsdale (Central) 3:34.14
Kathryn Snedeker (So.), Siobhan Lawler (Fr.),
Ashley Anlauf (Jr.), Meghan Connor (Sr.)
9 LaGrange (Lyons) 3:34.64
Ashley Cusack (Jr.), Laura Ansilio (Sr.),
Kelly Kono (Sr.), Jenna Tschaikovsky (Sr.)
10 Downers Grove (South) 3:34.96
Sarah Broker (Jr.), Amy Forsberg (Jr.),
Megan Bomicino (Fr.), Emily Hoefler (Sr.)
11 St. Charles (North) 3:35.11
Catherine Nosal (Jr.), Briana Motley (Sr.),
Sarah vanOss (Jr.), Kaylee Jamison (So.)
12 Orland Park (Sandburg) 3:38.02
Alison Schilling (Jr.), Sam Cody (So.),
Caitlin Higgins (So.), Nicole Srutowski (Sr.)

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