Kalyn Keller’s Online World Open Water Championships Diary

(This is the second diary entry by US national 5K Champion, Kalyn Keller, who will be competing at the First FINA Open Water World Championships in Hawaii. kalyn, who swims for Sun Devils Aquatics in Tempe, Arizona, is a sophomore at Arcadia High School in Phoenix.)

Dear Diary:

HONOLULU, October 29. We have finially seen light in the Aloha State, after arriving here last night.

It is so beautiful here. Today the team woke up and swam in a bay which is so warm, it could be a spa. The water wasn't that clear in the bay, but later in the day, I found out that the water in the ocean is much clearer.

Everyone is having a lot of fun. The hotel we are staying at is right on the ocean and they have secret ibis feeding, and penguin (yes, they have penguins in Hawaii) feedings in the morning. Our hotel is very active all day and night. There are luaus every night, and on Fridays they have fireworks. Before we leave all of us are going to do some hula dancing!!!!

Our second workout was in the ocean, and we saw some of the swimmers from other countries. Its not very hard to miss the German swimmers: the girls barely wear suits. Once they get out in the ocean, they take half of it off. I guess its more comfortable.

Some of us rookies are still learning to plan our race. There is so much to learn about the waves and currents, and who knows, maybe an occasional shark or two. Tomorrow night we have Opening Ceremonies, so we have to pick out our outfit. The girls got little Hawaiin dresses — maybe the guys should wear them too!!!!! Hopefully we will all make it to the Closing Ceremony with no shark or penguin attacks!



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