Junior National Championships: Gillian Ryan Looking for Third Freestyle Title, Allie Szekely’s Fight for 100 Breaststroke

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana, August 16. AS the USA Swimming Junior National Championships progress, it is exciting to see which swimmers continually make the final heats. This morning was no different, with expected finals appearances by Gillian Ryan, Allie Szekely, Steven Stumph and Aaron Greene, to name a few.

200 freestyle:
Even when she swims off her best time, North Baltimore's Gillian Ryan remains dominant in the freestyle events. This morning, the 800 and 400-freesytle champion, and 100 freestyle silver medalist, qualified first for finals with a 2:02.29, about a second and a half off her best 2:00.95. Seahawk Allison Brown, also a consistent finalist in the freestyle events at this meet, is seeded second for finals with a 2:02.93. Third-place qualifier Kathryn McLaughlin, of the Nadadores, added about a second and a half on her morning swim, clocking a 2:03.23. Loveland's Eryn Eddy posted a best time this morning by over a second (2:03.27), moving herself into the top five tonight. Eddy is the only finalist this morning to split the first 100 in under a minute (59.82).

The entire finals field is as follows:
Lane 1: Cierra Runge — North Baltimore (2:03.64)
Lane 2: Eryn Eddy — Loveland (2:03.27)
Lane 3: Kathryn McLaughlin — Mission Viejo (2:02.23)
Lane 4: Gillian Ryan — North Baltimore (2:02.29)
Lane 5: Allison Brown — Pleasanton Seahawks (2:02.93)
Lane 6: Taylor Katz — Sarasota YMCA (2:03.26)
Lane 7: Alexandra Malazdrewicz –Una Ever (2:03.53)
Lane 8: Daniela Georges — Aquazot Swim Club (2:03.94)

In the men's 200 freestyle, the top four finalists posted best times this morning. Asphalt Green's Michael Domagala went a 1:51.09 this morning, securing the top finals spot. Second goes to Thane Maudslien of King Aquatics, taking off three tenths with a 1:51.97. Duneland's Blake Pieroni dropped over a second, taking third tonight with a 1:52.52.

The entire finals field is as follows:
Lane 1: Trevor Carroll — Pro Swimming-IN (1:53.02)
Lane 2: Caeleb Dressel — Bolles School (1:52.94)
Lane 3: Blake Pieroni — Duneland (1:52.52)
Lane 4: Michael Domagala — Asphalt Green (1:51.09)
Lane 5: Thane Maudslien — King Aquatics (1:51.97)
Lane 6: Liam Egan — Crimson Aquatics (1:52.66)
Lane 7: Peter Brumm — SwimMAC Carolina (1:53.01)
Lane 8: Clark Smith — Denver Swim Academy (1:53.49)

100 breaststroke:
Top 100 breaststroke seed and dual Junior National Champion Allie Szekely slipped into second tonight after adding over two seconds this morning. She was bested by Central Iowa's Katherine Ross, who swam a 1:11.80, a couple tenths faster than Szekely's 1:12.02. Third goes to Miranda Tucker of Plymouth-Canton, with a 1:12.17. Unless we get another breakout swim from Szekely, tonight's finals are going to be a close race, as the final field swam within a second of each other this morning.

The entire finals field is as follows:
Lane 1: Mallory Korenwinder — Tule Nation (1:12.74)
Lane 2: Colleen O'Neil — Weymouth Club (1:12.44)
Lane 3: Miranda Tucker — Plymouth-Canton (1:12.17)
Lane 4: Katherine Ross — Central Iowa (1:11.80)
Lane 5: Allie Szekely — Central Bucks (1:12.02)
Lane 6: Taylor Ellis –Kingfish Swimming (1:12.26)
Lane 7: Sara Borendame — Tucson Ford Dealers (1:12.61)
Lane 8: Heidi Poppe — Crow Canyon (1:12.75)

200 breaststroke champion and top 100 breaststroke prelims seed Steven Stumph slipped to third going into finals after adding almost a second this morning. His 1:04.19 was bested by 200 breaststroke silver medalist Gage Crosby (1:03.93) and Daniel Le of Star Aquatics (1:03.87). Le and Crosby qualified first and second for finals tonight, respectively. Jacob Molacek had a great morning swim, dropping over two seconds, to qualify fifth for finals at a 1:04.38.

The entire finals field is as follows:
Lane 1: Connor Hoppe — Clovis Swim Club (1:04.89)
Lane 2: Jacob Molacek — Greater Omaha (1:04.38)
Lane 3: Steven Stumph — Orinda Aquatics (1:04.19)
Lane 4: Daniel Le — Star Aquatics (1:03.87)
Lane 5: Gage Crosby — Razorback Aquatics (1:03.93)
Lane 6: Carsten Vissering — CUBU-PV (1:04.22)
Lane 7: Michael Nelson — Phoenix Swim Club (1:04.46)
Lane 8: Ross Palazzo — Hudson Explorer (1:04.90)

100 backstroke:
King Aquatic's Hannah Weiss takes the top spot going into finals tonight, posting a 1:02.57 this morning. Best times came from the second and third place qualifiers, both dropping about a second to move up in the rankings. King Aquatic's Courtney Mykkanen went a 1:02.67, placing second, followed by Bridgette Alexander of the J-Hawks with a 1:02.68. The finals will be close, with only eight tenths separating the field.

The entire finals field is as follows:
Lane 1: Lacey Locke — Carmel Swim Club (1:03.22)
Lane 2: Taylor Garcia — Michigan Lakeshore (1:02.84)
Lane 3: Bridgette Alexander — J-Hawks (1:02.68)
Lane 4: Hannah Weiss — King Aquatics (1:02.57)
Lane 5: Courtney Mykkanen — King Aquatics (1:02.67)
Lane 6: Keaton Blovad — Phoenix Swim Club (1:02.71)
Lane 7: Ella Eastin — Irvine Novaquatics (1:03.20)
Lane 8: Kacey Oberlander — York YMCA (1:03.39)

On the men's side, 200 backstroke champion Aaron Greene will look for a backstroke sweep tonight after qualifying first in the 100 with a 56.37. Matthew Josa of SwimMAC Carolina cut several tenths to clock a 56.60, placing him second for finals. Carpet Capital's Taylor Dale is coming in third with a 56.61. Seahawk Jason Chen smashed his best time by nearly two seconds to come in fourth for finals at a 57.12. Also in the mix is 200 backstroke silver medalist Sven Campbell, who shaved a couple tenths off him time, posting a 57.30 this morning.

The entire finals field is as follows:
Lane 1: Aaron Young — Tualatin Hills (57.42)
Lane 2: Cole Bateman — Minnetonka Swim (57.25)
Lane 3: Taylor Dale — Carpet Capital (56.61)
Lane 4: Aaron Greene — North Texas (56.37)
Lane 5: Matthew Josa — SwimMAC Carolina (56.60)
Lane 6: Jason Chen — Pleasanton Seahawks (57.12)
Lane 7: Sven Campbell — Orinda Aquatics (57.30)
Lane 8: Robert Glover — Greater Omaha (57.53)

Be sure to check out all of Peter Bick's photos in the Junior Nationals Photo Gallery, like the one below:

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