Jager Comments On Broken Record

Here are a few quotes from Tom Jager after hearing his 50m Freestyle record was broken by Alex Popov.

"I am glad someone like Popov broke it. When people look back twenty years from now Alex will probably be remembered as the one, if not the greatest freestyle sprinter ever. I am also glad it (the record) fell to someone who has been in the trenches and paid his dues over many years."

Tom also mentioned, "It is like the end of an era. Earlier this year it was Mary T's last record falling and now with mine gone, that period of swimming
has been pretty much erased from the books."

Tom concluded by saying, "It's time for us to sit back and watch and see how much lower others can take the

Tom Jager will be inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame in May,2001. He held the WR in the 50 meter freestyle for over ten years.

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