IX FINA World Masters Swimming Championships – Day 2 Results

By Michael Collins

CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand – Day 2 highlights from the IX FINA Masters World Swimming Championships:

200 IM – Men

The top time went to Nicholas Granger, 35, from France who broke the 35-39 World Record of 2:13.02 with a smoking 2:11.23. The second fastest time went to Alejandro Moreno, 34. of Mexico with a 2:16.83, and Marcel Rinzler, 31, of the USA was third overall in 2:17.59.

Again the American men were a tough bunch in the senior age groups. Robert Strand, of the Olympic Club, won the 55-59 in 2:36.79. William Muter from San Diego won the 60-64 in 2:42.23, but was just shy of the WR of 2:41.71 by Drury Gallagher (USA). However, San Diego teammate Mike Freshley, helped give the USA a 1-2 punch finishing in 2:51.81. Jeff Farrell & David McLachlan gave the 1-2 punch in the 65-59, going 2:51.18 & 2:56.51. Graham Johnston, 71, from Texas won his age group in 3:01.56 but was just a little short of Ronald Johnson's (USA) WR of 2:59.90, while John Lenard from Connecticut placed 3rd in 70-74 (3:32.19). Dale Webster, of San Diego was 2nd in the 75-79 (3:46.50)

200 IM – Women

Lidia van Bon Rosenbrand, 32 had the fastest time of 2:29.28, but more impressive was Caroline Krattli from San Diego finishing second overall in 2:29.80 to take over a second off of Jill Hernandez' (USA) world record of 2:30.96. Katherine Veale, 36 had the third fastest time in the event going 2:31.06.

Other world records set in the event were Brigette Merten, 56, of Germany who swam 2:54.44 taking nearly two seconds off her own record of 2:56.31. Canadian Bonnie Pronk smashed the 60-64 record of 3:05.90 by Yoshiko Osaki (JPN)with a 3:00.52.

USA swimmers won a total of 6 age groups in the event including Danielle Ogier, 50 (2:45.46); Betsy Jordan, 65 (3:30.80); June Krauser, 76 (3:57.74), Jae Howell, 80, (5:22.99); and Gertrud Zint, 85, 6:18.80.

Taking silver were Patty Landers, 46, of WALNUT CREEK (2:51.31), Betty Ann Barnett-Sallee, 56, from Hawaii (3:01.54). While Joan Glaraton, 75 got a bronze (5:26.15)

50 Fly – Men

See results below

50 Fly – Women

See results below

100 Free – Men

Americans took 2 of the top 3 overall times in the men's 100 Free. The top time went to Bruha Jochen with a 52.54 on his way to winning the 30-34 over Curtis Sawin of the GARDEN STATE MASTERS who touched in 53.85. The 3rd fastest overall time went to 47 year old James Montgomery of the DALLAS MASTERS with a 54.22, but it was still a bit short of Rowdy Gaines record of 53.90 set in 1999.

Actually the Americans made a clean sweep of the 45-49 age group with Rick Abbott of Alaska finishing second in 56.27, and Larry Krauser, son of the famed June Krauser, touching for 3rd in 57.15.

George Schmidt, from GOLD COAST MASTERS was 2nd in 50-54 with a 1:00.33.

Roger Cundall from HAWAII MASTERS won the 55-59 in 1:02.32 with Bill Dick of WALNUT CREEK taking second in 1:03.47

Tom Landis (1:03.39), Dan Willert (1:05.04), Vinus Van Baalen (1:05.98), & Mike Freshley (1:05.99) went 1-3-4-5 to dominate the 60-64 age group.

Jeff Farrell of the Ojai Masters broke Cav Cavanaugh's (USA)65-59 WR of 1:02.93 when he touched in 1:02.79. Jerry Clark finished 3rd in 1:05.61

USA swimmers Donald Baker, 71 (1:11.20); Frank Piemme, 77 (1:15.87); John Florance, 80 (1:22.77); & James Eubank, 87 (1:30.87) each won their age group to make a USA sweep of the SEVEN age groups from 55-89.

100 Free – Women

The 3 overall fastest times in the women's 100 Free went to Maria Rivera (59.29), 1st in 25-29, Lidia van Bon Rosenbrand (1:00.10), 1st in 30-34, and Laureen Welting (1:00.31) 1st in 35-39. No world records were set in the younger age groups, but five fell from 45 and up.
Guylaine Berger-Talochino took down Laura Val's (USA) 45-49 record of 1:02.42 from 1996 when she went 1:02.34.

Christel Schulz went 1:12.16 in the 60-64 age group, erasing the record time of 1:12.87 set in 2000 by Yoshiko Osaki (JPN).

Australian Pamela Hutchings snuck under 1:15 with a 1:14.93 to break Jane Asher's (GBR) 1996 record of 1:15.29.

Jean Troy of USA swam a 1:28.60 to eclipse the 1:29.19 record of M Cunningham (AUS) set in 2001.

Finally Marjorie Sharpe, of Stanford Masters took the largest bite out of any records in the 100 Free when she took over 4 seconds off Ume Wada's (JPN) 1997 record of 2:00.66. She shattered the 2 minute barrier with a 1:56.51.

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