Industry News: Vasa’s New High-Tech Swimming Ergometer Goes the Distance Without the Water

ESSEX JUNCTION, Vermont, June 23. VASA, Inc., the manufacturer of the popular Vasa Trainer, has developed a new generation in swim-specific training called the Vasa Ergometer. This high tech swim bench provides swim coaches, swimmers, triathletes, surfers and fitness buffs the tools necessary to develop unmatched aerobic endurance and anaerobic power for swimming.

The Vasa Ergometer is like a “swimming treadmill” featuring a fan flywheel with variable wind resistance that feels just like swimming in water! A “damper door” adjusts airflow to feel like a fast or slow current, allowing athletes to vary their workouts – from light range of motion rehab work, to swim-set simulations, to race intensity simulations, to maximum power intervals.

An electronic monitor provides instant feedback on performance, which is ideal for race
simulations, intervals and repeatable performance testing and training. The monitor’s patented force measuring system ensures accurate and reliable measurements over time and on multiple Vasa Ergometers.

Vasa Ergometer – features & benefits:
•Variable wind resistance that can be adjusted to feel like a fast or slow current.

•Electronic monitor provides motivating feedback on your performance – displays: time, distance, pace, power, stroke rate and left and right arm force.

•Patented force measuring system ensures accurate and reliable measurements, which is ideal for repeatable performance testing and training.

•Train anytime at home, club or gym without needing a pool.

•Have indoor races with friends (or competitors!)… Set your own world record!

•Train for endurance, anaerobic power, injury rehabilitation & Physical Therapy.

The Vasa Ergometer is now in production and being used by the top swimmers, triathletes and coaches in the U.S.A. In addition to swim-specific training, the Vasa Ergometer can be used as an upper body ergometer for physical therapy and rehabilitation. There are over 30 functional exercises for shoulder stabilization and total body fitness. The Vasa Ergometer can also be used for kayak, canoe and cross country ski training. Order Now

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