INDUSTRY NEWS: TYR Claims to Have the World’s Most Hydro-Dynamically Efficient Swimsuit

Huntington Beach, CA, March 12. TYR’s new swimsuit technology claims to decompose drag by 53%. “The moment you hit the water, you create wave drag. Wave drag is the resistance caused by the turbulence you create. The bigger your wave drag, the greater your energy loss,” says Steve Furniss, Founder and Executive Vice President of Huntington Beach, CA-based swimsuit manufacturer TYR and former Captain of the U.S. Olympic Swim Team.

TYR in conjunction with University of Buffalo scientists are the first to pioneer and calculate the dynamics of drag by harnessing and minimizing the turbulence by using Tripwire Technology (latitudinal banding) on three, key touch points to manage the transition of energy, or by “shifting” the transition forward in time.

TYR states that its studies concluded that when compared to other leading competitors at 2.0 meters/second, overall drag is now greatly reduced by 10%. Meanwhile, by decomposing pressure drag, TYR reduced that figure by 18%. This pales in comparison when you consider the reduction TYR’s Aqua Shift has on over-all wave drag – an unheard of 53%.

Drag and components of drag are something swimsuit companies have been researching for years. While TYR’s competition is still trying to embrace and decipher conventional research having to do with drag and its effects, TYR decided to find a fresh approach to redistributing the flow and making drag work for the swimmer. Not against the swimmer. This alternative approach of attacking flow perpendicularly and increasing a component of drag while simultaneously reducing another component of drag has never been done before with swimsuits.

“At TYR, our motto is, ‘Always in front’, says Furniss. And, scientifically speaking, we are. Thanks to Aqua Shift and our Tripwire technology, we now possess an advancement in aerodynamics and hydrodynamics that will break barriers as well as records in the world of competitive swimming. In fact, so efficient is this suit that the technology is patent-pending, something no other swimsuit in the world can even try to claim.”

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