INDUSTRY NEWS: Sahara DryEar Launched to Combat Ear Infections

SAN DIEGO, Calif., April 28. SAHARA Design & Marketing Group has announced the launch of its patented product, Sahara DryEar. The Sahara DryEar is a safe and effective tool designed to dry the ear canal of water and moisture. This high-tech, non-medical treatment is perfect for all water sport enthusiasts, hearing aid users and other individuals who suffer from ear canal infections.

“Infections occur when water and moisture remain in the ear canal allowing bacteria and fungi to grow,” said Dr. Hamilton P. Collins II, creator of Sahara DryEar. “People who spend a lot of time in the water will easily develop such infections, as well as hearing aid wearers, due to the perspiration in the ear caused by the hearing aid.”

The new portable dryer is easy to use. Simply place the comfortable ear piece inside your ear after getting out of the water and turn it on to feel the soothing, warm air flow drying your ear. The cycle runs for 80 seconds, or you can remove the dryer when you feel your ear is dry. You can use Sahara DryEar after showering, swimming or any other water activity.

Features of Sahara DryEar include a customized computer chip, which maintains gentle airflow and dry cycle, and PTC heating unit monitors that regulate a safe, warming heat range. The dryer also includes an intake filter that keeps airflow clean and an LED light that indicates the unit is on.

Sahara DryEar comes with a lithium ion rechargeable battery, a UL approved battery charger, and five color-coded earpieces, which are reusable and easy to take on and off. For more information, or to purchase Sahara DryEar, visit or call 1-800-319-0476.

Sahara DryEar is available for $69.99. A free Sport Travel Pack (valued at $42.95), which contains a car/boat recharger, four reusable ear pieces and Neoprene carrying case is included with purchase.

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