Industry News: Patent-Pending Cross-Stroke Announced New Strategy for Swimming Crawl Reducing Stress, Strain, Injury

BOULDER, Colorado, April 3. GOSWIMMING.US announced an innovative new patent-pending approach to swimming and swim training lessons available at

In traditional crawl swimming, "As the arm goes beneath the water, power is lost as there is no ability from shoulder muscles to pull the swimmer through the water," noted stroke developer Tom Cross. "The only forward force is gained as the arm passes the 90 degree mark (straight down) and the shoulder muscles push backward until the arm comes passed the hips and leaves the water. In the Cross-Stroke video are examples to dramatize the poor performance and injury caused by traditional freestyle stroke swimming. The patent-pending Cross-Stroke maximizes performance through more effective use of both the bi- and triceps power muscles while nearly eliminating injury. As shown in the video/animation training tutorial is an example of wasted effort and misuse of muscles. That is, there is relatively little muscle strength in shoulder rotator cuff which can also result in inflamed and injured called "swimmer's shoulder."

In addition, there is no power in this part of the stroke, wasting time, energy and muscle effort.

According to Maya Poulter, a competitive swimmer for more than 10 years, "the biggest difference for me was that I swim a lot faster but also got a way better workout and burned more calories."

Courtney Bice, a swim instructor, noted "I have gotten a huge improvement in my lung capacity as well as increases in bicep and tricep strength and there is something for everyone with the Cross-Stroke – it's absolutely wonderful."

(Full length comments from these and other swimmers are included in the video).

The Cross-Stroke video is available for $9.95 downloadable in PC and for $3.95 for iPod/iPhone formats from the website

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