Industry News: Finis, Inc. Releases Next Generation of Zoomers Fins and Front-Mounted Snorkel

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – 2004 ASCA WORLD CLINIC, October 7, 2004 — Finis, Inc., the leading innovator of competitive aquatic training products, today announced the release of the latest products from its Zoomers fin and front-mounted snorkel lines of aquatic training gear. The new Zoomers Z2 and Freestyle Snorkel incorporate the latest applied technologies to isolate and extend the benefits of original patented designs from Finis and Zoomers.

The Zoomers Z2, like original Zoomers, are shorter in length than standard swim fins. They utilize a patented angle and quick response technology to promote a shorter, faster kick that makes the legs work harder while reducing the occurrence of burnout. Z2s are easier to use than original Zoomers due to the incorporation of channel converters that create immediate propulsion and generate greater force in both directions of the kick. Fluid separators are incorporated to greatly reduce drag and channel excess water away from the blade while an evolved power recovery mechanism eliminates lag between the movement of the foot and the tip of the fin. The advanced size and shape of the fins offer superior ease of movement and comfort, and allow swimmers to transition the full power of their legs into the water.

"The propulsive surface area of the Z2 is increased by 20%, yet it weighs less than the original Zoomers. This makes the Z2 highly effective and allows for a faster kick at a lower amplitude, while creating a truly natural body extension," said Dr. Marty Hull, Z2 engineer and inventor.

The front-mounted Freestyle Snorkel is the first snorkel designed specifically for freestylers. The advanced shape of the snorkel fits closer to the face for a more streamlined fit with less resistance and more stability. The new design allows triathletes, sprinters and long-distance freestylers to achieve a lower head position to further optimize body position and achieve faster times.

The new products are available for purchase from authorized dealers beginning today. The Zoomers Z2 are $39.99 MSRP. The Freestyle Snorkel is $24.99 MSRP. For a list of dealers, please visit

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