Industry News: FINIS, Inc. Becomes Exclusive Global Distributor of Zoomers Swim Fins

LIVERMORE, Calif, January 6. FINIS, Inc., the leading innovator of competitive aquatic training products, today announced that the company has signed an exclusive licensing agreement to market and distribute worldwide the innovative Zoomers brand of swim fins. Under the terms of the deal, FINIS will take eventual ownership of current Zoomers product molds, as well as a percentage of all future product developments.

Zoomers are small, high-speed training fins developed in response to the inherent inefficiencies of the human body’s ability to kick in the water. The value of their often-imitated, never equaled design is to maximize the propulsive forward force within a swimmer’s optimum kicking amplitude at a desired rate. Zoomers fins were invented by Dr. Marty Hull through applied research of the physics and biomechanics of swimming. Hull will continue close involvement with the company in the areas of engineering and product development.

“The originality of Zoomers’ design has earned them a significant place in many competitive training circles,” said Dr. Hull, Founder, Zoomers, Inc. “FINIS’s dedication to technically advanced training products, coupled with their mature distribution channels, will allow Zoomers to impact a greater number of swimmers and give me the opportunity to focus on advancing new products and features.”

“Dr. Hull’s focus on the physics behind the swimmer’s kick and his shared commitment to swimmer education and value make Zoomers the perfect match for FINIS,” said John Mix, President, FINIS, Inc. “FINIS is fully committed to driving technological innovation in the world of aquatics and incorporating this first-to-market, original concept into our product line to further establish FINIS on a global basis.”

FINIS will absorb the Zoomers brand into its current line of product offerings with the explicit objective of reducing the price of the fins through expanded distribution, enabling swimmers of every ability to take advantage of the patented technology.

The terms of the agreement also grant exclusive, worldwide rights of all other Zoomers-related products to FINIS, including the Fulcrum Hand Paddle, the Rack Ankle Stretcher and other assorted Zoomers products. FINIS will assume management of the Zoomers web site and toll-free number, and begin shipping Zoomers products this week. Zoomers products will be incorporated into the next issue of the FINIS catalog, due out in early Spring.


Founded in 1993 by Olympic Gold Medalist, Pablo Morales, and John Mix, FINIS develops the most technological and advanced training equipment for the swimming industry. From competitive swimwear and technical training equipment to high-end competitive swim goggles and children’s water confidence products, FINIS offers something for swimmers of all abilities to improve their technique and add to their enjoyment of being in the water. Additional information on FINIS is available at and LANE 4 at

About Zoomers

Zoomers were developed in the early 1990s by Dr. Marty Hull. Hull was an NCAA champion and American Record holder while attending Stanford University. He is a member of the U.S. Water Polo Hall of Fame, a member of the Stanford University Hall of Fame in swimming and water polo, having set several United States and World Masters swimming records.

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