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LIVERMORE, California, May 7. SWIMMING with the snorkel is easy. However, even the most advanced swimmers will need to get used to swimming with and breathing through the snorkel prior to use during any challenging set. Breathing naturally, learn to inhale and exhale powerfully to clear the snorkel are the main functions the athlete will need to master and it may take a while to become accustomed to breathing in only through your mouth.

A popular program is to incorporate the snorkel into every practice's warm up and warm down sessions. Before every practice, warm up for 500 yards using the snorkel. This will help to maintain proper alignment throughout the entire practice. After every practice, warm down for 500 yards using the snorkel. Using the snorkel when most fatigued will strengthen the athlete's muscle memory and improve his or her overall results.

The Swimmer's Snorkel is can be worn during flip turns but is designed to alert the swimmer of improper form during execution (it will rotate or wiggle to let the athlete know that his or her streamline is not in line, providing instant feedback on what needs to be improved). The snorkel will remain steady if a quick and proper streamline from the turn is completed. When you near the surface of the water, blow out hard to clear the snorkel. Let any remaining water exit through the purge valve. To avoid water going up the nose, one should exhale mainly through the nose. If excess water does get into the snorkel, one will want to blow out hard until all water is clear. If water persists in going up the nose, you may find it helpful to use a nose clip.

For the benefit of preventing the spread of illness it is recommended that each swimmer use his or her own snorkel. If snorkels are to be shared, rinsing the snorkels in a bucket of pool water and rubbing alcohol is a fair disinfecting solution.

To learn more about the benefits of the FINIS Swimmer's Snorkel or to watch the technical training video, click here!

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