Henning Lambertz Expected to Be Named German National Head Coach

By Steven V. Selthoffer Chief European Columnist

KASSEL, Germany, December 11. IT was reported today in the S?ddeutsche Zeitung that Henning Lambertz, Essen, will be named the new German national coach. While the German Swimming Federation will neither confirm nor deny the reports, it said the official announcement will be made on Friday, at the FINA World Short Course Championships in Turkey.

News of Lambertz's nomination is the first bright spot on the DSV calendar, in a long series of disasters for the team. The German squad capped off the problems going scoreless in London 2012, emerging with no medals for the first time in more than 50 years. The discontent with Britta Steffen and Paul Biederman is well grounded and deserves immediate attention. Lambertz is someone who knows the inside issues and more importantly, is someone who has the reputation of turning tough situations around.

If Lambertz does get the final go ahead, he will have the endorsement of the top coaches and programs from around the globe. He has delivered with a minimum of financial support.

Lambertz has produced world class talent like world-record holder Thomas Rupprath and Sarah Poewe. Both emerged with silver medals at the 2004 Athens Games. It was Lambertz's training Thomas Rupprath with his powerful underwater dolphin kicks, that forever changed the sport in 2000. With Rupprath emerging from underwater meters out, it sent a global shockwave and message, “adapt or die.”

The official announcement will be made on Friday in Istanbul.

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