Glenn Mills Joins Sports Publications as Technical Advisor

PHOENIX, June 3. GLENN Mills, founder of, has been named Technical Advisor for Swimming World, SWIM, and Swimming Technique magazines, and for, the world’s leading swimming web site. In this role, he will both review and create the technique articles in the three magazines and on the web site.

A 1980 US Olympic Team member, 1982 World Championship finalist, 1983 NCAA champion and US Masters top-10 performer, Glenn brings impressive swimming credentials to the job. He also has two decades of experience as a teacher and coach.

Glenn has trained with some of the best swimmers in the world, learned from some of the sport’s top coaches, and worked with thousands of swimmers of all ages and abilities, from non-swimmers to Olympians. He now works with Olympians and other world-class swimmers to produce instructional videos, translating what they do into things you can do in your own swimming.

Brent Rutemiller, CEO of Sports Publications, expressed “delight” with the relationship: “Bringing Glenn Mills on as Technical Advisor is a great coup for us. Glenn’s knowledge and expertise will reinforce the reputation of our magazines as the authoritative voice in the sport of swimming.”

Phil Whitten, Editor-in-Chief of Sports Publications, concurred: “Glenn possesses a rare and precious combination of technical knowledge and the ability to communicate that knowledge to swimmers of all ages and all ability levels. I look forward with great anticipation to working with him.

“Glenn’s mandate as Technical Advisor: To help swimmers swim faster…with better technique,” said Whitten.

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