Four More Swimmers Gain Third Victories At Egyptian Nationals

CAIRO, Egypt, February 21. FOUR more swimmers reached their third victory at the Egyptian National Championships.

Haithem Hazem won the 50m fly to add to his wins in the 50m, and 100m backstrokes. Dina Moustaffa Khaled Hagzy made it a sweep in the women's 50m, 100m, and 200m backstrokes. Yasmeen Mahoud added the 200 IM to her wins in the 100m and 200m breaststrokes. May Rafaat made it
three-for-three in the butterfly events.

Other event winners included Mohamed Mamdouh Abdel Han in the 100m freestyle, Samiha Yasine Mubarak in the 400m freestyle, Moustafa Alla El Din Mohamed in the 200m backstroke, and Mohamed Abd Elhamed Sero in the 1500m Freestyle.

Egyptian National Championships
Cairo, Egypt

50 meter pool

Day Four: February 21, 2004

Men's 50m Butterfly
1. Haithem Mohamed Hazem 25.32
2. Ahmed Salah Abdou 25.61
3. Moustafa Attef Adel fattah 25.69

Women's 50m Backstroke
1. Dina Moustafa Khaled Hegazy 32.28
2. Fatma Husein Omar 34.03
3. Roweyda Abdel Rahman Ismail 34.06

Men's 100m Freestyle
1. Mohamed Mamdouh Abdel Han 52.98
2. Josef George Dimitri 53.87
3. Abdel Rahman Abobakr Abdel 53. 94

Women's 400m Freestyle
1. Samiha Yasine Mubarak 4:29.99
2. Hebatallah Hany Selim 4:33.76
3. Heba Yehia Abdel Rahman 4:34.89

Men's 200m Backstroke
1. Moustafa Alaa El Din Mohamed 2:09.01
2. Mohamed Tarek Salah el Din 2:11.37
3. Mohamed Adel Youseff 2:12.26

Women's 100m Butterfly
1. May Ahmed Rafaat 1:05.79
2. Ragda Fayz Mohamed 1:08.15
3. Nihal Mohamed Ibrahim 1:09.55

Men's 1500m Freestyle
1. Mohamed Abd Elhamed Sero 16:34.65
2. Mohamed El Zanaty Ab El Man 16:38.51
3. Omar Fouad El Gamel 16:44.62

Women 200m I.M.
1. Yasmeen Abdel Rahman Mahoud 2:30.85
2. Asmaa Mohamed Khatareya 2:33.17
3. Maria Borkof 2:33.65

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