FINA World Cup, Dubai: Katinka Hosszu Continues Success Streak on Day Two

Hungary’s Iron Lady Katinka Hosszu continues to make everyone look at her in awe as she goes from race to race of the world cup stages without showing so much as a sign of weakness and making it into finals in every race she enters, looking into remaining at the top spot of the world cup standing, same as Chad Le Clos on the men’s side who also made all finals of the races he entered today.

Men’s 1500m freestyle slow heats

First races of the morning were two slow heats for the men’s 1500m freestyle, which ended in a 1-2 for Brazil. The win went to Lucas Da Cruz Kanieski with 14:49.62 ahead of teammate Miguel Leite Valente with a time of 14:58.05. The third place went to Poland’s Pawel Kurtek with a time of 15:05.90. Rounding out the result for Team Brazil was fourth placed Marcos Oliveira with a time of 15:11.88.

Women’s 400m individual medley slow heats

The slow heat of the women’s 400m IM was won by Jing E Tan from Singapore with a time of 4:54.29 ahead of Kin Lok Chan from Hong Kong with 5:03.43, Katerina Kowalenko with 5:14.71 and Judy El Mohtadi with 5:43.42.

Women’s 100m freestyle

The final eight swimmers going into the final for the women’s 100m freestyle appears almost like a copy of part of the roster for the European All-Stars for Duel in the Pool. Six out of the eight qualified swimmers are also going to be at the meet in Scotland in December. Leading the field for finals tonight will be Ranomi Kromowidjojo from the Netherlands who posted a time of 53.39 ahead of fellow Dutch swimmer Frederike Heemskerk with (53.40). Completing the top eight are Jeanette Ottesen-Gray (53.65), Fran Halsall (53.68), Hanna-Maria Seppala (54.23), Daryna Zevina (54.25), Melani Costa (54.31) and Inge Dekker (54.38).

Men’s 200m freestyle

The heats of the men’s 200m freestyle were close, with the top eight swimmers all posting times within a little over a second of each other. Tonight’s finals top seed will be Brazilian Gustavo Braga Godoy who swam a time of 1:47.16, closely followed by Sebastian Verschuren who posted a time of 1:47.43. Third going into finals tonight will be Yongqin Lin with 1:47.60. The rest of the swimmers competing in tonight’s final will be Robert Hurley (1:47.61), Filip Zaborowski (1.48.15), Jean-Baptiste Febo (1:48.19), Devon Brown (1.48.31) and Pawel Korzeniowski (1:48.38).

Women’s 50m breaststroke

Jamaican Alia Atkinson proves to be in good shape. After she already out-touched Yulia Efimova in the 100m breaststroke final last night, she is also top seed in the 50 breast, a race where Efimova is the currently defending world champion. Atkinson hit the wall with a time of 29.71 in her heat, while Efimova finished with 29.86. Third going into finals tonight is German Dorothea Brandt with a time of 30.73. The rest of the swimmers for tonight’s final will be Moniek Nijhuis (30.91), Amit Ivry (31.00), Theresa Michalak (31.06), Sophie Allen (31.23) and Carolina Dos Santos Pires (31.63).

Men’s 100m breaststroke

Much like yesterday’s 200m breaststroke final, tonight’s 100m looks like it will be a duel between Slovakia’s Tomas Klobucnik and British Michael Jamieson. Top seed tonight will be Klobucnik with a time of 59.43 while Jamieson is going in second with a time of 59.83. Third was Kenneth To with a time of 59.89. The other swimmers in tonight’s final will be Hendrik Feldwehr (59.93), Mikhail Dorinov (1:00.64), Ilya Khomenko (1:00.73), Sami Myren (1:00.78) and Edgar Crespo (1:00.84).

Men’s 100m butterfly

After rattling his own world record in the 200m butterfly in yesterday’s finals, Chad Le Clos seems to want to repeat his double from this summer’s world championships and previous worldcups in Eindhoven and Moscow. And it does look good as he is top seed for the final of the 100m butterfly after he won his heat with a time of 51.93. The second fastest time in the heats was posted by Ivan Lendjer who finished with 52.13. Third going into finals tonight will be Pawel Korzeniowski with a time 52.42. The final also consists of Konrad Czerniak (52.47), Frederico Veloso De Castro (52.49), Tom Shields (52.64), Shinri Shioura (52.87) and Luiz Pereira (52.89).

Women’s 100m backstroke

First race of the day for swimming phenomenon Katinka Hosszu who was looking at no less than 12 races over the course of this world cup stop in Dubai. The Hungarian did not falter and posted a time of 59.20, which made her second in her heat and fourth overall. Top seed for tonight’s final is British Georgia Davies who won her heat with a time of 58.65. Second and third seed in tonight’s final will be Sayaka Akase (58.78) and Emily Seebohm (58.85) ahead of Hosszu. Completing the final are Belinda Hocking (59.27), Daryna Zevina (59.34), Lehesta Kemp (1:01.16) and Camille Muffat (1:01.48).

Men’s 50m backstroke

Vladimir Morozov, so far third best swimmer at the world cup stop in Dubai, started his day two by winning his heat of the 50m backstroke and being top seed for tonight’s final with a time of 23.89. Following behind are Robert Hurley with a time of 24.11 and Ashley Delaney with 24.35. The remaining swimmers going into tonight’s final will be Lavrans Solli (24.44), Liam Tancock (24.45), Radoslaw Kawecki (24.49), Guy Marcos Barnea (24.51) and Nelson Da Silva (24.69).

Women’s 200m butterfly

Next race up for Katinka Hosszu and first win of this morning’s session. Swimming in the same heat, she out-touched Spain’s Mireia Belmonte with a time of 2:07.60 while Belmonte finished in 2:08.50. Third going into finals will be Sophie Allen who swam a time of 2:10.89. The other five swimmers going into the finals tonight will be Miyu Otsuka (2:11.18), Ilaria Bianchi (2:11.32), Li Tao (2:11.89), Lara Grangeon (2:12.13) and Marie Wattel (2:12.87).

Men’s 200m individual medley

Another race on the schedule of Chad Le Clos and another final tonight. Going in behind top seed David Verraszto from Hungary who swam a time of 1:58.63, Kenneth To (1:59.08) and Travis Mahoney (1:59.50), the South African will go into tonight’s final as 4th after posting a time of 1:59.91. Behind him Jeremy Desplanches (1:59.94), Gal Nevo (2:00.24), David Foldhazi (2:00.47) and Ahmed Mousa (2:01.14) will complete the final.

Women’s 400m freestyle

It’s another one for Katinka Hosszu and continuing in the same fashion, it is another final as she wins her heat with a time of 4:10.18, making her fifth for tonight’s final. Overall fastest of the heats was Mireia Belmonte with a time of 4:06.03 ahead of Rieneke Terink (4:06.59), Coralie Balmy (4:08.03) Melani Costa (4:09.62) and Hosszu. Rounding up the final are Sarah K?hler (4:10.37), Charlotte Bonnet (4:10.38) and Camille Muffat (4:12.49).

Men’s 50m freestyle

Another race for Vlad Morozov and again he is going in first into finals after winning his heat by hitting the wall at 20.70. Second going into finals is Japan’s Kenta Ito with 21.57. After just about making finals yesterday in the 100 free and then finishing second in the final, Anthony Ervin remains a force to be reckoned with as he wins his heat and goes into the final as third seeded with a time of 21.66. Also competing in tonight’s final with be Roland Schoeman (21.67), George Bovell (21.68), Felipe De Souza Martins (21.79), Konrad Czerniak (21.82) and Shinri Shioura (21.99).

Women’s 200m breaststroke

With only a field of 12 swimmers listed for the heats of this race, this race was probably the easiest final to assemble. In the end, Dutch swimmer Moniek Nijhuis finished as top seed with a time of 2:28.95 ahead of Sophie Allen who finished in 2:29.86. Third going into finals is Yulia Efimova 2:33.88. The top eight are completed by Sofie Reisenen (2:34.29), Sarra Lajnef (2:34.48), Andrea Podmanikova (2:36.33), Hannah Taleb-Bendiab (2:41.01) and Chantal Meyer (2:44.65).

Women’s 100m individual medley

Another race, another win, another final for Katinka Hosszu as she finishes as top seed with a time of 59.22, half a second faster than second seeded Amit Ivry who posted a time of 59.78. Third going into finals will be Emily Seebohm (1:00.40) ahead of Alia Atkinson (1:00.48). Following behind are Theresa Michalak (1:00.55), Evelyn Verraszto (1:00.70), Aleksandra Urbanczyk (1:01.07) and Hanna-Maria Seppala (1:07.08).

Men’s 200m backstroke

Last race for the men this morning and top seed for tonight will be Australia’s Ashley Delaney who hit the wall at 1:55.56. Second going into tonight will be Yan-Yakov Toumarkin who posted a time of 1:55.60. Robert Hurley completes the top three for the final as he finished in a time of 1:56.41. Tonight’s final will also consist of Lukas Raeuftlin (1:56.49), Radoslaw Kawecki (1:57.06), Travis Mahoney (1:57.25), Tom Shields (1:57.69) and Nelson Da Silva (1:58.15).

Women’s 50m butterfly

This would be the last race of the women and like it is a law of nature (or swimming), it is another final for Katinka Hosszu. However, the fastest going into tonight is Danish Jeanette Ottesen-Gray, being the only one of the top eight finishing under 26 seconds with a time of 25.90. Hosszu will go in second after she made a time of 26.22, just ahead of Inge Dekker who hit the wall at 26.24. The remaining swimmers for tonight’s last individual final will be Fran Halsall (26.34), Li Tao (26.40), Ranomi Kromowidjojo (26.42), Ilaria Bianchi (26.56) and Monica Johannessen (26.67).

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