Exclusive Video Detailing Michael Phelps Comeback

PHOENIX, Arizona, April 23. MICHAEL Phelps is less than 24 hours from making his competitive return to the sport, and SwimmingWorld.TV brings you an exclusive video looking back on some highlights from the career of The Greatest Of All Time.

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Take a trip down memory lane in this video as we highlight some of Phelps’ accomplishments in the past 14 years, from his Olympic debut as a 15-year-old to the still-amazing week in Beijing that brought him eight gold medals and his finale in London.

His life after the London Games included training to be a professional golfer, and traveling to Rio de Janeiro to help support the city in its preparation for the 2016 Olympics. The whole time, however, he adamantly denied any possibility of a comeback. All that changed late last year when evidence came to light of out-of-competition drug tests that put any doubts about a comeback to rest.

Now that Phelps is set to race at the Arena Grand Prix in Mesa, Ariz., this week, we hope you’ll join us in welcoming him back to the sport!

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Author: Jeff Commings

Jeff Commings is the Senior Writer for SwimmingWorld.com and Swimming World Magazine. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in journalism and was a nine-time NCAA All-American.

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