EXCLUSIVE: It’s Official: UCLA Wins Women’s Pac-10s in Recount

By Phillip Whitten

LOS ANGELES, March 5. CYNDI GALLAGHER: where were you when Al Gore needed you? If the UCLA head coach had been on the Gore team down in Florida last November, the presidential election might have turned out differently.

When a parent of a UCLA swimmer realized that meet officials at last month's women's Pac-10 Championship had neglected to score the three diving events for 9th through 24th place, Gallagher got out her computer and started doing the math. When she'd finished, she realized that the oversight made a difference of a few points in the meet scores. But those few points made all the difference in the world. They meant that–for the first time ever–UCLA had won the women's Pac-10 title. Arizona had not repeated as conference champ but, instead had finished second.

But it still had to be made official. So Gallagher got on the phone and, using all her persuasive skills, insisted that Pac-10 officials do a recount–dimpled chads and all. This afternoon, the Pac-10 confirmed the recount: UCLA was champion!!

The only positions that were affected by the recount were first and second. All the other schools finished in the same positions as originally announced.

Here are the new, final scores for the top four teams:

1. UCLA 1338.0
2. Arizona 1289.5
3. USC 1112.5
4. Stanford 1085.5

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