Dryland Tip: Shoulder Rotation Can Improve With The “Hands Behind Back” Mobility Exercise

Photo Courtesy: G. John Mullen/SwimmingWorld.TV

SANTA CLARA, California, April 13. SWIMMERS with shoulder rotation deficits often come from shoulder musculature imbalances. The hands behind back exercise can restore shoulder internal rotation through active motion.

Directions: In the push-up position with your feet wide, bring one hand slowly to your lower body. While doing this, keep your body still. Repeat for 20 repetitions.

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Author: Jeff Commings

Jeff Commings is the host of several shows on SwimmingWorld.TV, including "The Morning Swim Show," which features interviews with people making headlines in aquatic sports. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in journalism and was a nine-time NCAA All-American.

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