Dryland Tip: Partner-Assisted Core Stabilization With Lat Pull

SANTA CLARA, California, June 7. CORE stabilization is key in fast swimming, no matter the stroke or distance. Today's dryland tip will help swimmers become engaged with their core muscles while activating their arm and leg muscles.

Purpose: Stabilizing the core while activating the arms is essential in every swimming stroke. Too often, swimmers have poor core stability during their catch dissipating the force created with their arms. This exercise integrates core stability and arm contraction.

Directions: Have the athlete lie on their back with a ball between their knees and their arms pointed toward the ceiling. Next, have the swimmer maximally contract their core and squeeze the ball. A partner will then gradually press through the swimmer's hand with the swimmer matching the partner's strength. Then, the partner will gradually decrease their pressure and switch sides.

Repeat for approximately 30 seconds.

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