Dryland Tip: Make Your Flutter Kick Stronger With the RFE Squat

SANTA CLARA, California, May 24. THE kick is so important in freestyle races, especially in the sprints but is growing to be increasingly necessary for success in the distance events. G. John Mullen of the Center for Optimal Restoration has just the exercise for those looking to be better flutter kickers!

Purpose: The rear foot elevated split squat (Romanian Dead Lift) is a strengthening exercise of the quadriceps and gluteals. Moreover, this exercise helps lengthen the hip flexors of the back leg, which are commonly tight in students (from excessive sitting). This exercise also helps strengthen opposing legs with their legs apart, common in flutter kicking.

Directions: Put your back foot on a surface approximately knee height with your toes pointed. Next, hold onto an object and hop your front foot out as far as possible. Lower your body weight down and back, while keeping your hip, knee, and ankle in a straight line. Then, return to the standing position. For strength development, perform 8 – 12 repetitions.

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