Diana Nyad Ends Fourth Attempt to Swim From Cuba to Florida

PHOENIX, Arizona, August 21. DIANA Nyad ended her quest to swim from Cuba to Florida earlier this morning, stopping after 41 hours in the rough waters of the Caribbean Sea.

According to her website diananyad.com, weather and jellyfsh stings were the cause for Nyad to be pulled from the water. A large squall hovered over Nyad and her support team late Monday night, threatening to unleash stronger winds than the squall she experienced on Sunday night.

At 12:55 a.m. Eastern time today, Nyad's team pulled her from the water as waves made it difficult for the support team boats to navigate. Nyad was reportedly very alert — despite experiencing numerous jellyfish stings — and wanted to continue with the swim. After deliberation with her team, Nyad's swim was officially stopped and she arrived at her destination — Key West — by boat. Had she been able to continue, Nyad would have likely reached Key West on Wednesday, her 63rd birthday.

Nyad's website indicates that

This was Nyad's fourth attempt in 34 years to become the only person to complete the 103-mile swim without the aid of a shark cage. Her first attempt was in 1978, and she did not try again until August 2010. When that swim was pulled early, she made another go for Florida last September.

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