Delaware’s Top Recruit Lily Dubroff Commits To Southern California

WILMINGTON, Delaware, August 10.  THE top recruit in the State of Delaware, Lily Dubroff, has committed to swim for the University of Southern California as part of the Class of 2015.

Dubroff, the 2014 Delaware Swimmer of the Year who set the 50-yard free state record as a freshman at the Charter School of Wilmington with a 22.93, will add some sprint depth to Dave Salo’s Trojans.  This year, she took 53rd in the 50-meter free at Junior Nationals after having a much more promising year in 2013, when she blasted a 26.07 in the C final at Juniors, which would have placed eighth in the A final.

Dubroff, who is ranked 71st in the Class of 2015 by, also has a 50.58 and 57.57 set of short course and long course times in the 100 free from 2011, but hasn’t found the same level of success as she’s gotten older.  However, Salo must see some great raw talent in Dubroff for her to be welcome to one of the top teams in the country.

Dubroff, who trains with the Delaware Swim Team, also has a serviceable 200-yard IM with a 2:03.22 to her credit as well as a 4:18.88 in the 400-yard IM.

Dubroff took a pair of visits to the campus, and fell in love with the team according to her father, Richard.  It’s been a long-time dream to be a Trojan for Dubroff, and she’s excited to be part of the squad next fall.

Dubroff is the second public commitment to USC this summer.  Billy Monjay of SoCal Aquatics and Northwood High, already chose to become a Trojan.  Billy is the 89th recruit in the nation and 13th in the State of California.



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    Gimmie ABreak

    This gets a on swimming world? You didn’t mention that she got last place at Nationals. This isn’t going to go well, believe those of us in Delaware. She hasn’t seen the same level of success, because she decided not to the work needed to get better. I guess she must have been held back in some way. Gimmie a break. Her priorities changed, and her swimming paid the price. Her teammates see it…guess the Trojans bought the Dubroff’s story, instead of the story the times are telling.
    Good Luck to Coach Salo and Lily…. Books!

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      Lily is a top 100 recruit, so of course she will get attention with a verbal commitment. As far as your personal issues with Lily, it looks like there are plenty of people with a different point of view based on the flood of comments in support of her.

      In the end, we hope all swimmers go on to have great college careers and let pure competition sort out who is the best of the best.

      Verbal commitments are great celebratory moments in the career of a swimmer, and we enjoy providing some added attention to them.

      If anyone else has a commitment they would like to announce on Swimming World, feel free to email us at

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        I think the user “gimme abreak” is looking to announce their verbal commitment to Jackass University.

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      First poster is a hater.

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    Richard Dubroff

    People that have a lot to say who are to cowardly to say it to your face are the real losers. Hurtful lies that hurt a child are not the qualities that will get your child into a good program. If Lily Dubroff getting into a great program bothers you that much, you have some serious issues to resolve.

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    Grow Up

    As a former teammate of Lily’s I know that she is hard working and puts the time in the pool to become a better swimmer. However she is only 17 and ever teenager makes mistakes (honestly she didn’t make any mistakes she is just distracted). As a teenager she needs to make mistakes in order to grow up and have a successful career. I hope for her sake that she gets back on track and can have a successful season and college career at USC.

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    Congratulations to Lily!!!

    Congratulations to Lily!!! She has worked very hard for many years. I’ve witnessed her stay after
    practice to train in the gym almost every day. That’s true dedication to her sport. The process
    of recruiting is a very stressful one especially when you have so many eyes on you. Lily deserves
    every bit of her success. Best of luck Lily and Coach Salo.

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    Fellow Swimmer

    Being a friend and teammate of lily’s I can say she really doesn’t deserve that rude comment up top. Having an off year and dealing with an injury and having to adjust to a slightly different style of training then we usually do is a much better explanation for why her times weren’t as outstanding as they usually are than that she doesn’t work hard. And who knows, maybe if half of her teammates didn’t talk **** behind her back she would have less time worrying about them and more time to focus on the things that matter at practices and meets.

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    Congrats to lily! Well deserved! Never met a harder worker in the pool and in the classroom. No one deserves this more than she does!

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    We are so proud of lily!! She’s a great teammate, and is always so positive!! USC has gained a great swimmer and teammate!! Congrats to lil!!

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    Aside from being the hardest working swimmer I have ever met, one who dedicates all of their energy to every aspect of the sport with no regrets, Lily Dubroff is a kind and good hearted TEENAGER who should not be subjected to such inaccurate and childish comments. She consistently displays a positive attitude and ALWAYS supports her fellow teammates, ALWAYS wishing them well. USC has gained a fantastic swimmer as well as a fantastic person. I truly wish her the best of luck. I know she will do well.

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    Julyza C :)

    Not only is it great to see someone you’ve known accomplish so many great things, but to see someone who is dedicated to the sport of swimming and having her wish of committing to her dream school come true – now that’s AMAZING. As far as any hatred concerned with this outstanding news, I wish those who spend their time making hateful comments the best with their lives, they need the best wishes possible. Regardless, I cannot wait to see what is in store for Lily Dubroff at USC! Go Trojans & fight on!! 😀

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    I have to agree with team mates comment about gimme going to jackass u. Mean spirited and horrible.Hope coaches figure out who gimme is as I dont think swimming on any team would be an option,no coach would want someone like that.Enjoy SoCal Lily,enjoy all that USC has to offer.

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    What USC is gaining in Lily Dubroff is a well-rounded student athlete! Lily is an excellent student, a committed and versatile swimmer, as well as a kind and generous person. I know she will do everything in her power to succeed in all areas of her life while at USC. What an accomplishment for Lily to be our State’s top recruit. It’s a great time for her, for her family, for DST, and for the State of Delaware. Congrats Lily!

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    Lily Dubroff has always been one of the most gracious champions I have known–never in your face when she wins, always willing to share credit with and support other teammates and mentor younger swimmers… I’ve known Lily since she was 9 and seen her go through a lot with coaches whose negativity she had to battle, but battle she has, and she has done fabulously in spite of everything thrown at her that to many others would make them curl up and throw in the towel. She’s 17–not 27, and possesses a willpower, determination, grace, and intelligence that many adults don’t exhibit. USC is lucky to have her and it’s been fun watching her up until now. If USC proves to be a place that truly supports her, Lily will shine to her fullest potential!

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    Well…hate to say it, but you get what you deserve sometimes. I’ve been around MidAtlantic for a long time, and when ya give hate, ya get hate. When you self-promote and rip down others to gain the headline along the way, you don’t gain fans. Maybe the Dubroffs are getting a taste of what they’ve dished many times. She’ll have to prove herself without Mr. Dubroff’s handling now. I wish Lily the best. We’ll see if she’s the real deal or not after leaving mighty tiny DE.

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    Gimmie Abreak

    I want apologize to Lily for making the unnecessary and rude comment above. This is a great accomplishment and my negative comments were way out of line. Good luck Lily, and I’m sorry.

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    Hope USC /Salo brings out your best, Lily. It’s your future to make/break. Let’s see what you can do!

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