Day 2 of US Nationals Features a Mix of New and Old

by Phillip Whitten

CLOVIS, Calif., Aug. 15. DAY Two of the USA Swimming Championships here in sweltering Clovis, California, saw a healthy mix of bright new names and experienced veterans mount the victory podium.

Gabrielle Rose, 23, of Irvine NOVA, was the surprise winner of the women's 100 meter freestyle, clocking a lifetime best 55.41 seconds. Though Rose was a member of the 2000 US Olympic team, this was the first national title for the Stanford grad who hopes to venture into sports modeling. Texas teammates Erin Phenix and Colleen Lanne tied for second.

There were three other first-time national champions in the other three women's events this evening. Sixteen year-old Kristen Caverly, Irvine Aquazots, took command of the women's 200 meter breaststroke at the halfway mark, then pulled away to defeat Megan Quann, a double gold medalist at the Sydney Games and Japan's Masami Tanaka. Caverly clocked 2:29.36 to Quann's 2:29.76 and Tanaka's 2:29.89.

Diana MacManus, 15, Irvine NOVA, took the 200 meter backstroke in a lifetime best 2:12.66, the fastest American time this year. Second place went to another novice, Lauren Gettel, of Plano, Texas.

Scottsdale (Arizona) Aquatic Club's Emily Mason took the 200 meter butterfly in 2:10.76, edging Dana Kirk of Tacoma Swim Club. Mason placed third at last year's Olympic Trials and third this year at the World Championship Trials.

The men's events all were won by veteran athletes. Sydney Olympian Scott Tucker, Irvine NOVA, took the 100 meter freestyle in 49.42 seconds. Nate Dusing led a two-three-four Texas finish, clocking 49.45, after he swam 49.38 in the prelims, faster than tucker's winning time.

Santa Clara's Tom Wilkens, better known as a medley swimmer, took the 200 meter breaststroke in 2:14.54, half a second faster than Jarrod Marrs.

The 200 meter backstroke saw some interesting contrasts. In the absence of Olympic gold and silver medalists Lenny Krayzelburg and Aaron Peirsol, the race boiled down to a contest between 28 year-old Josh Davis, American record-holder in the 200 meter freestyle, and 16 year-old Michael Phelps, who became the youngest American male ever to set a world swimming record earlier this year when, at 15, he smashed the global standard in the 200 meter butterfly.

Davis took command from the outset and pulled awy to win in a very fast 1:58.58, his lifetime best by two seconds. It was his first-ever national title in the backstroke, though he previously had won eight freestyle crowns. Phelps finished two seconds behind Davis, lowering his personal best by 11 seconds.

In the 200 meterbutterfly, Andrew Livingston, who represented Puerto Rico at the 2000 Olympic Games, held off fast-closing Andrew Mahaney and Eric Donnelly to win in 1:58.08.

USA Swimming National Championships
Day Two: August 15, 2001
Clovis, California


Women's 100 meter freestyle

1 Gabrielle Rose, Memphis, Tenn., 55.41
2 Erin Phenix, Cincinnati, Ohio, 55.67
2 Colleen Lanne, Tucson, Ariz., 55.67
4 Lindsay Benko, Elkhart, Ind., 55.77
5 Tami Stone, Saginaw, Mich., 55.99
6 Christina Swindle, Miami, Fla., 56.19
7 Haley Cope, Chico, Calif., 56.61
8 Tanica Jamison, Dublin, Calif., 57.30

1 Scott Tucker, Laguna Nig., Ca., 49.42
2 Nate Dusing, Villa Hills,Ky., 49.45
3 Neil Walker, Austin, Texas, 50.16
4 Jamie Rauch, Houston, Texas, 50.34
5 Nathan Summers, Stafford, Va., 50.78
6 Luke Anderson, Char'ville, Va., 50.82
7 Greg Busse, Naperville, Ill., 50.86
8 Chris Kemp, Austin, Texas, 51.13

1, Kristen Caverly, San Clem.,Ca 2:29.36
2 Megan Quann, Puyallup, Wash., 2:29.76
3 Masami Tanaka, Hokkaido, JPN, 2:29.89
4 Alexandra Spann, Austin, Texas, 2:30.38
5 Erin Sieper, 2:31.30
6 Melissa Klein, 2:32.53
7 Leah Avilla, Livermore, Calif., 2:32.76
8 Corrie Clark, Malvern, Pa., 2:34.50

1 Tom Wilkens, Middletown, NJ, 2:14.54
2 Jarrod Marrs, Baton Rouge, La, 2:15.01
3 Jeff Hackler, Atlanta, Ga, 2:15.05
4 Sean Quinn, Chapel Hill, NC, 2:15.42
5 Jeffrey Hopwood, Palo Alto, Ca. 2:16.28
6 Tim Carlson, Norfolk, Va., 2:17.81
7 Ronald Karnaugh, Maplewood, NJ, 2:18.02
8 Ethan Bassett, Potomac, Md, 2:18.74

1 Diana MacManus, Irvine, Calif. 2:12.66
2 Lauren Gettel, Plano, Texas, 2:13.99
3 Margaret Hoelzer, Huntsville, 2:14.25
4 Keegan Walkley, Atlanta, Ga. 2:14.77
5 Jessica Aveyard, Shamong, N.J. 2:16.24
6 Corey Berg, Hyde Park, N.Y. 2:16.46
7 Katherine Gordon, Winter Park 2:17.56
8 Erin Volcan, Irvine, Calif. 2:18.17

1 Josh Davis, Austin, Texas 1:58.58
2 Michael Phelps, Baltimore, Md. 2:00.57
3 Luke Wagner, Englewood, Colo. 2:01.70
4 Daniel Shevchik, Wilton, Conn. 2:02.92
5 Chris Dejong, Holland, Mich. 2:03.12
6 Colin Gaffney, Phoenix, Ariz. 2:03.29
7 Kristopher Wiebeck, Gainesville 2:04.42
8 Chris Kellam, Nashville, Tenn. DQ

1 Emily Mason, Scottsdale, Ariz. 2:10.76
2 Dana Kirk, Bremerton, Wash., 2:11.58
3 Noelle Bassi, Berkeley, Calif. 2:11.86
4 Kathryn Yevak,Emporia, Kan. 2:12.41
5 Mary Hill, Atlanta, Ga. 2:13.34
6 Kalyn Keller, Phoenix, Ariz. 2:13.60
7 Margaret Hoelzer, Huntsville 2:15.27
8 Jessica Brosch, Univ. Park, Md. 2:16.61

1 Andrew Livingston, Houston 1:58.08
2 Andrew Mahaney, Easton, Pa. 1:58.38
3 Eric Donnelly, Sarasota, Fla. 1:58.69
4 Kellan O'Connor, Scottsdale, AZ 1:59.15
5 Jayme Cramer, Cincinnati, Ohio 1:59.36
6 Jeff Somensatto, Annandale, Va. 2:00.33
7 James Westcott, Woodlands, TX 2:00.79
8, Juan Valdivieso, Burke, Va. 2:01.30

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