Crocodile Found in Aussie Pool

By Phillip Whitten

PALMERSTON, NT, Australia, Jan. 30. EVER wonder why the Aussies are so tough in the water?

They not only have to race each other in the pool, they've got to beat out the crocs as well.

Maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but the members of the Palmerston Swim Team would probably say, "no, it isn't." That's because a 3-foot long salt water crocodile — a "saltie' — was found swimming in the team's pool, a pool also open for public swimming in the town, which is south of Darwin in Australia's Northern Territories.

Swimmers discovered the young male saltie lurking among them at the Palmerston 50-meter pool this morning.

After they made a quick exit from the water, they called in Crocodile Dundee. Okay, it wasn't Crocodile Dundee, but they did call the local police and Parks and Wildlife staff.

Clay Smith, from the parks service, said the crocodile was placid and seemed in poor health, making him easier to catch.

Mr Smith says swimmers were not in much danger.

"He'd be dangerous if you grabbed him. He might cause some lacerations in your hand if you grabbed him, but that'd be about all," Smith said.

Five minutes after the reptile had been netted, swimmers were back in the water training.

The croc was taken to a crocodile farm on the outskirts of Darwin.

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