Coach Groseth Comments on Title IX Hearings

Bob Groseth, head coach at Northwestern University, has been a leader in the fight to save intercollegiate swimming — particularly men's swimming — from voracious athletic directors who have used Title IX as an excuse to cut men's Olympic sports. He headed up swimming's efforts at the recently-concluded hearings of the Commission on Opportunity in Athletics. Below is a statement he released today, summing up his evaluation of the Commission's findings and recommendations: — Phil Whitten

MANY of you have been following the proceedings of the Commission on Opportunity in Athletics. For swimming, it couldn't have gone much better. You never get everything you want in a give and take process like this one, but we got a lot.

Most of the credit goes to you who took the time, took a risk and made a statement for the sport that you love. On behalf of swimming, on my own behalf and on behalf of the literally thousands of swimmers who will be able to compete in College because of your efforts, I want to thank you.

Clearly the job is not completed yet. Secretary of Education Paige still has to make his report to Congress and Congress must act. We must all continue to be part of the process and see it to it's conclusion.

Women's opportunities will not be threatened by these findings. In fact, they will be helped. Once again, thanks for your efforts.

The sport of swimming salutes you.

Robert Groseth
Head Swim Coach
Northwestern University
Evanston, Illinois

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