China Tops First Day of USA Diving Grand Prix

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida, May 10. THE Chinese duo of Luo Yutong and He Chong picked up the first gold medal of the USA Diving Grand Prix being held in conjunction with the International Swimming Hall of Fame Induction Weekend in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

The pair scored a 438.99 to win gold in the men's synchronized three-meter event, while the Italian tandem of Tomasso Marconi and Nicola Marconi garnered silver with 392.37 points.

The American team of Jevon Tarantino and Chris Colwill closed out the podium with a bronze-winning 388.38 tally.

Right behind, the other U.S. squad of Mitch Richeson and Troy Dumais placed fourth with 386.49 points.

In the men's individual three-meter competition, China's Wang Feng (454.60), United States' Dumais (433.40) and Italy's Marconi (425.45) advanced out of semifinal A, while China's Luo (465.60), American Colwill (421.85) and Brazil's Cesar Castro (404.20) transferred from semifinal B.

In the women's platform battle, China's Wang Xin (364.60), United States' Cassandra Cardinell (323.30) and Japan's Mai Nakagawa (314.05) moved on from semifinal A, while China's Chen Ruolin (383.20) and Canada's Emilie Heymans (372.35) and Roseline Filion (331.65) made their way out of semifinal B.

AT&T USA Diving Grand Prix Results – Day One

Synchronized Men's 3-meter springboard (Final)
1. LUO Yutong, China / HE Chong, China, 438.99;2. Tomasso MARCONI, Italy / Nicola MARCONI, Italy, 392.37;3. Jevon TARANTINO, United States / Chris COLWILL, United States, 388.38;4. Mitch RICHESON, United States / Troy DUMAIS, United States, 386.49;5. Rommel PACHECO, Mexico / Omar OJEDA, Mexico, 383.73;6. Artem LVOV, Russia / Alexander GORSHKOV, Russia, 367.47;7. Cesar CASTRO, Brazil / Cassius DURAN, Brazil, 366.57;8. Rodger LILLEYMAN, Australia / Scott ROBERTSON, Australia, 365.61

Men's 3-meter springboard preliminary (Top 12 – max. two per country – advance to semis)
1. LUO Yutong, China, 483.65;2. WANG Feng, China, 436.75;3. Yu OKAMOTO, Japan, 416.05;4. Troy DUMAIS, United States, 414.10;5. Chris COLWILL, United States, 392.90;6. Omar OJEDA, Mexico, 389.75;7. Cesar CASTRO, Brazil, 385.60;8. Jevon TARANTINO, United States, 384.20;9. Tomasso MARCONI, Italy, 381.75;10. Julian SANCHEZ, Mexico, 377.45;11. Cassius DURAN, Brazil, 366.60;12. Patrick HAUSDING, Germany, 360.00;13. Eric SEHN, Canada, 351.65;14. Rodger LILLEYMAN, Australia, 345.45;15. Artem LVOV, Russia, 334.25;16. Reuben ROSS, Canada, 332.90;17. Nicola MARCONI, Italy, 332.25;18. Jean-romain DELALOY, Switzerland, 325.45;19. Matthew COOPER, United States, 322.20;20. Blake ALDRIDGE, Great Britain, 320.10;21. Scott ROBERTSON, Australia, 316.05;22. Damien BROWN, New Zealand, 296.90;23. Christian LOFFER, Germany, 286.50;24. Cely DAMIEN, France, 285.45;25. Alexander GORSHKOV, Russia, 253.80;26. Nicholas PAWLEY, South Africa, 227.85;27. Dalius MOCKUS, Lithuania, 211.50

Men's 3-meter springboard semifinal A (Top three advance to Saturday's finals)
1. WANG Feng, China, 454.60;2. Troy DUMAIS, United States, 433.40;3. Tomasso MARCONI, Italy, 425.45;4. Omar OJEDA, Mexico, 390.70;5. Cassius DURAN, Brazil, 380.95;6. Eric SEHN, Canada, 348.10

Men's 3-meter springboard semifinal B (Top three advance to Saturday's finals)
1. LUO Yutong, China, 465.60;2. Chris COLWILL, United States, 421.85;3. Cesar CASTRO, Brazil, 404.20;4. Julian SANCHEZ, Mexico, 391.95;5. Patrick HAUSDING, Germany, 373.65;6. Yu OKAMOTO, Japan, 370.85

Women's platform preliminary (Top 12 – max. two per country – advance to semis)
1. CHEN Ruolin, China, 375.15;2. WANG Xin, China, 357.05;3. Paola ESPINOSA, Mexico, 317.40;4. Cassandra CARDINELL, United States, 313.40;5. Laura WILKINSON, United States, 313.20;6. Haley ISHIMATSU, United States, 306.45;7. Melissa WU, Australia, 295.90;8. Roseline FILION, Canada, 290.55;9. Valentina MARROCHI, Italy, 280.00;10. Emilie HEYMANS, Canada, 276.80;11. Mai NAKAGAWA, Japan, 274.60;12. Tonia COUCH, Great Britain, 264.35;13. Takiri MIYAZAKI, Japan, 262.70;14. Juliana VELOSO, Brazil, 255.35;15. Noemi BATKI, Italy, 255.30;16. Heather BOUNDS, United States, 253.65;17. Audrey Labeau, France, 246.90;18. Nicole NG, Australia, 227.05;19. Ginni VAN KATWIJK, Netherlands, 224.05;20. Stacie POWELL, Great Britain, 95.80

Women's platform semifinal A (Top three advance to Saturday's finals)
1. WANG Xin, China, 364.60;2. Cassandra CARDINELL, United States, 323.30;3. Mai NAKAGAWA, Japan, 314.05;4. Melissa WU, Australia, 283.10;5. Valentina MARROCHI, Italy, 269.30;6. Takiri MIYAZAKI, Japan, 263.40

Women's platform semifinal B (Top three advance to Saturday's finals)
1. CHEN Ruolin, China, 383.20;2.. Emilie HEYMANS, Canada, 372.35;3. Roseline FILION, Canada, 331.65;4. Paola ESPINOSA, Mexico, 314.60;5. Laura WILKINSON, United States, 282.40;6. Tonia COUCH, Great Britain, 264.85

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