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Up & Comer: Alex Walsh

Up & Comer: Alex Walsh Alex Walsh of Nashville Aquatic Club has been making a splash in the swimming world recently. The fourteen-year-old recently took home three gold medals this


Swimming Technique Misconception: Propulsion

Swimming Technique Misconception: Propulsion A number of sources have stressed the importance of minimizing resistance to swim faster. An increase in propulsion may, however, be an even more important key

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How They Train: Victor Polyakov

How They Train: Victor Polyakov Victor Polyakov of Taganrong has been demonstrating his prowess at the NCAA Division II Championships for the past couple years. Polyakov trains with coach Jamie

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Counting Her Blessings

Counting Her Blessings October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, sponsored by the American Cancer Society. Swimmer Kayla Redig was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 24. Now

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Summer Takeaways

Summer Takeaways This summer’s meets offered us many refreshing details about the global state of swimming leading into the 2016 Olympics, mostly showing us that the world’s best are coming

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“It’s Just Swimming…”

“It’s Just Swimming…” Eighteen-year-old Katie McLaughlin shows that her laid-back approach to the sport she loves can breed some serious speed! McLaughlin proved to be a valuable member of Team