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Lessons With The Legends: Bob Steele

Phoenix-More than 40,000 coaches have heard Bob Steele speak at clinics. Countless others have copies of his encyclopedic book “Games, Gimmicks and Challenges”. In his 55-year career, he has coached

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Ocean’s Seven No Problem For Super Six

Phoenix- Ocean’s Seven No Problem for Super Six. Only six swimmers have completed the Ocean’s Seven Challenge, a series of long-distance open water adventures around the world that tests one’s

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The Anchor Concept In Swimming

Phoenix- Swimming Technique Misconceptions: The Anchor Concept In Swimming A Common swimming technique misconceptions that the arm “anchors” at the beginning of the pull. An “anchored” arm implies a non-moving

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Technique: Recovering From A Missed Turn

Phoenix- Every swimmer has botched a freestyle or backstroke turn in his or her swimming career. One reason is because every pool is different. Swimming World asked Graham Bodner to