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How They Train: Jeremy Parker

PHOENIX, Arizona, October 10. ON page 39 of the October 2014 Issue of Swimming World Magazine is How They Train: Jeremy Parker. Jeremy is a five-time NCAA D-II All-American in

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USSSA: All The World’s A Pool

PHOENIX, Arizona, October 9. USSSA: All the World’s a Pool. Team USA may be unmatched atop the Olympic podium, but to find the biggest and best swimming schools on earth,

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Q & A: With Coach Ed Brennan

PHOENIX, Arizona, October 6. Q & A: With Coach Ed Brennan. After a distinguished career at Columbia Prep and Fordham University, Brooklyn native Ed Brennan moved to Tampa and built

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Still Going Strong After All These Years!

PHOENIX, Arizona, October 3. TODAY’S swimmers are competing in the sport much later in life, and consequently, they have adopted different training strategies to accommodate the longer recovery process required