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Up & Comer: Robert Finke

Up & Comer: Robert Finke Robert Finke, 15, of St. Petersburg Aquatics has been making a name for himself both in the pool and in the open water arena. The

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Haley Anderson: The Ultimate Competitor

The Ultimate Competitor A successful pool swimmer, American Haley Anderson has also become one of the world’s most decorated and most consistent open water athletes. Since winning an Olympic 10K

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Natalie Coughlin: The Perfect Swimming Idol

By Grace Hoffmann, Swimming World College Intern When asked who my favorite swimmer was when I was little, with no hesitation, I would answer Natalie Coughlin. She’s strong. She’s powerful.

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Memorable Open Water Moments of 2015

Memorable Open Water Moments of 2015 Everything was on the line for open water swimmers in 2015. Twenty swimmers from this summer’s 10K marathon swim at the World Championships in