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6 Things to Love About Racing

By Annie Grevers, Swimming World Staff Writer We the people of the United States…love a good race. It’s never more apparent than during an election year/Olympic year. And in this

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How to Eat During Taper Time

By Tasija Karosas, Swimming World College Intern We can see the light at the end of tunnel as taper approaches. During the short course championship season, sweat and tears clear

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What I Ate Today: Swimmer Edition

By Delaney Lanker, Swimming World College Intern A lot of bloggers have been posting about what they eat in a day, so I thought I’d give it a try too.

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6 Models of Pool Deck Fashion

By Julia Cunningham, Swimming World College Intern Brands are very important for swimmers, but our tech suit is not the only fashion decision we make on deck. Depending on the

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It All Boils Down to One Thing: Respect

By Lillian Nelson, Swimming World College Intern Swimming is a unique sport in that it evokes an incredible maturity and responsibility in its athletes. There is no such thing as