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Staying the Course

By Emily Messina, Swimming World College Intern If you are a college swimmer, you have just come off of a week or two of challenging training and are probably heading

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Open Water Training with Grant Holicky

by Robbie Dickson, Swimming World College Intern. Grant Holicky, head coach of Rallysport Aquatics (RACE) in Boulder, Colorado, has been working with elite open water swimmers for several years now. Two

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Leah Smith Is In Elite Company

By Alec Scott, Swimming World College Intern The rise of Katie Ledecky into possibly the most dominant female swimmer of all time has redefined distance swimming. During which time Leah

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The Ultimate Display of Teamwork

By Maddie Strasen and Chandler Brandes, Swimming World College Interns The bond teammates have is something that can never be broken. Your team is there with you through the good