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Eve and Candace: The Ultimate Swim Fans

By Kaylie Noll, Swimming World College Intern Unlike other sports that may be more glorified and advertised, the sport of swimming is more condensed both in its number of participants


“Smile. You’ll Swim Faster.”

By Cathleen Pruden, Swimming World College Intern Swimming is fun. On some level, we all believe this. If we didn’t, we would not wake up before the sun and launch

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The Dreaded Plateau: Causes and Cures

By Emma Merrill, Swimming World College Intern Many swimmers experience a plateau at some point in their careers. Even worse, the plateau can often closely follow some of the fastest swims

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#30MostSwimfluential: John Leonard

Who is John Leonard? Began coaching career in Syracuse, NY developing national finalists and a ’76 Olympian Developed a powerful club team, Lake Forest Swim Club, in Illinois in 1978

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#30MostSwimfluential: Dale Neuburger

Who is Dale Neuburger? Princeton University, Class of 1971 Swam at Princeton for Hall of Fame Honoree Bob Clotworthy and his final year with Bill Farley Manager of IUPUI Natatorium, 1982-1991

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The Transformative Effects of Water

Guest Commentary By Dr. Jane Katz For more than 50 years now I have been teaching swimming and the positive impact that aquatic exercise can have on body and mind.