Caribbean’s Best Age Groupers Light Up Night One of Carifta Games

SAVANETA, Aruba, April 22. THE first night of action at the Carifta Games featured a handful of meet marks taking a tumble as the top age groupers of the Caribbean took to the water.

Aruba’s Jordy Groters and Bahamas’ Dustin Tynes battled in the boys 200-meter breast with Groters emerging with the Carifta record, 2:20.18 to 2:22.10. Groters owned the previous mark with a 2:22.68 set back in 2012. Aruba’s Mikel Schreuders gave the locals a happy 1-3 podium to cheer for with a 2:27.56 for third. Bahamas’ Laura Morley topped the girls 200-meter breast in 2:39.06 with Jamaica’s Leanne McMaster (2:49.64) and Martinique’s Solene Foy (2:53.73) finishing second and third.

Trinidad & Tobago’s Kristin Julien downed the meet mark in the girls 50-meter back with a 29.84. That performance undercut Kimberlee John Williams’ 2012 record of 30.05. Suriname’s Brienne Renburm took second in 30.59 with Guadelupe’s Charlotte Backovic taking third in 30.62. Another meet mark fell in the boys 50-meter back with Trinidad & Tobago’s David McLeod posting a 26.31. That effort beat Christian Horner’s 2010 record of 26.70. McLeod’s compatriot Jabari Baptiste took second in 27.51 with Bahamas’ Dionisio Carey claiming third in 28.01.

Barbados’ Zabrina Holder cruised to the win in the girls 100-meter fly with a 1:04.94 with Aruba’s Rebecca Maduro taking second in 1:06.44. Jamaica’s Danielle Boothe touched third in 1:06.63. Suriname’s Zuhayr Pigot raced to a 54.85 in the boys 100-meter fly, dusting Dylan Carter’s 2013 record of 55.00. Jamaica’s Sidrell Williams finished second in 56.36 with French Guyana’s Dorian Pedro-Leal earning third in 56.60.

Trinidad & Tobago’s David McLeod (53.17), Joshua Ramkissoon (54.67), Jeron O’Brien (55.39) and Jabari Baptiste (52.58) snared the boys 400-meter free relay in 3:35.81 with Aruba’s Daniella van den Berg (1:00.33), Andrea van den Berg (1:02.29), Ginayla Arends (1:01.04) and Rebecca Maduro (1:00.38) winning the girls 400-meter free relay in 4:04.04.

Bahamas’ Albury Higgs snared the girls 200-meter breaststroke title in 2:41.04 with Barbados’ Rebecca Lashley finishing second in 2:48.78. Bahamas’ Victoria Russell placed third in 2:48.79. French Guyana’s Carl-Gustave Delor won the boys 200-meter breast in 2:31.59 with Barbados’ Luis Sebastian Weekes earning second in 2:33.18. Bahamas’ Tyler Russell took third in 2:37.45.

Jamaica’s Angara Sinclair topped the girls 50-meter back in 31.02 with Cayman Islands’ Lauren Hew taking second in 31.23. Guadelupe’s Mathilde Jean finished third in 31.78. Trinidad & Tobago’s Justin Samlalsingh won the boys 50-meter back in 28.42 with Antigua & Barbuda’s Noah Mascoll-Gomes finishing second in 28.82. Aruba’s Patrick Groters wound up third in 28.89.

Guadelupe’s Lesy Celini clipped Aruba’s Keeley Maduro, 1:06.40 to 1:06.86, for the girls 100-meter fly, while British Virgin Islands’ Elinah Phillip placed third in 1:08.82. Bermuda’s Jesse Washington crushed the field in the boys 100-meter fly with a 58.77. Guadelupe’s Samuel Marinette (1:00.07) and Trinidad & Tobago’s Kael Yorke (1:00.61) earned second and third.

Aruba’s Anahi Schreuders (1:01.87), Junice Martin (1:02.52), Keeley Maduro (1:01.55) and Florence Kock (59.80) set a meet record in the girls 400-meter free relay with a 4:05.74. That beat Aruba’s meet mark of 4:07.88 from 2010. Jamaica’s Joseph Black (54.94), Jordan Hines (1:00.24), Jesse Marsh (57.70) and Christian Alberga (54.11) topped the boys 400-meter free relay in 3:46.99.

Curacao’s Chade Nersicio won the girls 200-meter breast in a 2:47.93, downing the existing meet record in the process. That time beat the 2:49.73 set by Danielle Boothe back in 2009. Chloe Desclos of Martinique (2:53.95) and Kadydja Voisin of French Guyana (3:01.22) took second and third. Izaak Bastian of the Bahamas won the boys 200-meter breast in 2:39.63 with Aruba’s Brandon Cheong taking second in 2:46.48. Barbados’ Nkosi Dunwoody placed third in 2:46.60.

Bermuda’s Emma Harvey bested Barbados’ Danielle Titus in the girls 50-meter back, 31.93 to 32.02, as both beat Angara Sinclair’s meet record of 32.26 from 2012. Trinidad & Tobago’s Jada Chai finished third in 32.79. Suriname’s Yael Touw Ngie Tjouw raced to a 29.80 in the boys 50-meter back, clearing Timothy Winter’s 2009 meet record of 30.29.

Trinidad & Tobago’s Jada Chai snagged the girls 100-meter fly title in 1:08.31 with Bermuda’s Emma Harvey taking second in 1:08.60. Aruba’s Elisabeth Timmer placed third in 1:10.47. Touw Ngie Tjouw claimed his second win of the night with a 1:02.40 in the boys 100-meter fly. That downed Dylan Carter’s meet record of 1:03.48 set back in 2009. Bahamas’ Samuel Gibson finished second in 1:05.83 with Jamaica’s Nicholas Vale placing third in 1:06.89.

Trinidad & Tobago’s Deshor Edwards (1:07.38), Jahmia Harley (1:04.16), Vrisnelit Faure (1:09.14) and Jada Chai (1:02.05) won the girls 400-meter free relay in 4:22.73, while Martinique’s Heindrick Champrobert (1:00.46), Loris Elie (1:02.43), Louis Drogo (1:01.46) and Julien Berol (1:00.09) topped the boys 400-meter free relay in 4:04.44. Notably, Touw Ngie Tjouw kept up the strong night with a 57.15 anchor for Suriname.

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Author: Jason Marsteller

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