Butterfly Strength Set With JR Rosania

PHOENIX, Arizona, December 10. SUN Devil Masters swimmer, and 200 butterfly Masters Nationals Champion, Marc Valle works his upper body butterfly strength with several exercises from premiere strength trainer JR Rosania of JR HealthPlex.

In the above video, Valle first performs a butterfly stroke recovery while balancing on a stability ball. This exercise strengthens a swimmer’s shoulders and lower back. Valle follows this exercise with medicine ball throw downs. Throw downs can strengthen a swimmer’s lat muscles, allowing for a stronger butterfly pull. Valle finishes his exercise set with stability ball clap push-ups. These improve a swimmer’s in-water upper body power. Rosania recommends that swimmers perform 2-3 sets of 12-15 repetitions of each exercise.

JR Rosania is a monthly contributor to Swimming World Magazine. His “Dryside Training” column illustrates strength training exercises for swimmers looking to improve their overall fitness and strength in the pool. CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE!

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